Hongkong day 3

Day 3 was mainly spent at Hongkong island with nonstop eating and eating and uh exercising by climbing upslope and downslope x100000 times, which is good in a way. hahaha. It makes up for the sinful meals we had eaten for the past few days 🙂

OTD for day 3

We spent a freaking long time finding this teahouse, which we walked up and down the street and finally asking the security guard at some random carpark for help

Pan fried prawn dumplings

Har gao

Stew pork ribs

We actually didnt order this but cos we waited so long for the one we ordered, the waiter gave us the wrong item and we didnt want to wait again. So we made do with egg tarts.

Honestly, it’s quite a disappointing experience. The food wasnt exceptionally nice + it was pretty pricey so I give thumbs down for this place. The price is definitely not worth the experience dining in a typical teahouse.

Luk Yu Teahouse 陸羽茶室
G/F-3/F, 24 Stanley Street, +852 2523 5464

Next up, shopping at H&M. I think we visited an H&M outlet everyday there like no joke. hahaha. But then it’s probably the season, the collection didn’t appeal to us very much. So we went on to find Honululu egg tarts since we already tried Tai Cheong’s in our past few trips to hk. The egg tart place is actually part of a char chang teng so don’t expect to see a bakery stall!

Honululu or Tai cheong? I vote for the latter.

Honolulu Coffee Shop (Egg tarts) 檀島咖啡餅店
中環士丹利街33號地下 G/F, 33 Stanley St, Central

We wanted to go get our condensed milk bun at the famous stall located at Seng Heung Yuan but alas when we reached, there was a crowd sitting inside so we thought of coming back later while shopping at the nearby shops. I think that was the biggest mistake. When we returned, omg there was a q there -.- so in the end we didnt eat and proceeded on to starbucks! Nevertheless, here’s some photos of the area!

Some pretty shops down the street

Welcome to Starbucks, the traditional way 🙂

One of the reasons we pay a visit to this particular Starbucks was that it was set in the oldies way, so it’s pretty cool!

resting our tired feet

Guess what I found? Po lo pau! haha. Secretly taken cos it belongs to the next table. shhh

13 Duddell Street, Central, tel +852 2523 5685

Paid a visit to wanchai, which had nothing much except for a good plate of soy chicken rice if you happen to be in the area 🙂

We ordered the 3 mixes but we concluded the chicken was the best.

and a bowl of dumpling soup to go along, which was blah. haha

Joy Hing Food Shop  再興燒臘飯店
Block C, 265-267 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
灣仔軒尼詩道265-267號地下C座,Opening: 10am – 10.30pm

So after that we shopped at causeway bay area before heading over to the Peak! I had always visited the Peak in the day so I wanted to go there at night this time round. We did not purchase the tickets for sky terrace but just hanged around the mid levels which was pretty fine to me.

The night scene is so pretty!

but it was also damn freaking windy & cold. hahah

Gone w the wind!

We wanted to head over to Sheung Wan where the hip and young hanged out after that but unfortunately, we missed a turn and ended up back at Central. So we gave up and proceed to Charlie Brown Cafe instead! I was so excited upon seeing the sign at a distance and even more excited being greeted by so many snoopy characters along the way up! haha Cuteness overload! 🙂

Lucy light – soy bean cheesecake, which was surprisingly not bad!

and snoopy from the past. haha. gosh simply too cute.

well, if you are a fan of snoopy, you shouldn’t give this a miss. haha

Charlie Brown Cafe 查理布朗咖啡專門店
G/F-1/F., Kok Pah Mansion, No. 58-60 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2366-6315

That basically wraps up day 3. And one more last day in hk!

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