Hongkong day 2.

Hello hello! Here’s day 2 of our hk trip. Started the day with anticipation for Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest one star michelin in hongkong 🙂 Reading reviews and knowing how horrible the q would get, we got up early and reached one hour before the shop opened. And so thankful we were that few minutes earlier so we were part of the first group to go in. So here’s some photos that we entertained ourselves during the wait.

My OTD for day 2!

Streets on the early morning

the q when we reached!

few minutes later..

our new covers 🙂

half an hour later..

One hour later and it’s finally opened! And we looked back behind and saw the crowd were being told to come back 1 hour later. 😡

The ticket machine that couldnt stop beeping!!

Making chee cheong fan!

The boss was really kind enough and even encourage us to take photos of the kitchen 🙂

The really compact seating. That is really how small the place is

Their v famous po lo pau looking char siew pau!

So good im not even joking 😀

I thought this was too salty

The XO carrot cake was pretty good

I actually like the siew mai for it springy taste, but I guess you can find better siew mais out there

This is abit weird though.  hahaha but it’s pretty interesting how the 桂花糕 will melt in your mouth while drinking the hot tea

 If given the chance, I think I will still go back even though the wait is one hour, but the char siew pau makes up for it.

添好運點心專門店 (Tim Ho Wan)
Flat 8, Ground Floor, Phase 2, Tsui Yuen Mansion, 2-20 Kwong Wa St
廣華街2-20號翠園大樓2期地下8號舖, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Daily 10am – 9:30pm

 Next up, shopping at H&M and harbour city. Taking a short break at honeymoon desserts before continuing to buy our cookies from Jenny’s bakery!

Look what we found at Silvercord mall! hahah they had nasi lemak and everything ok. 😀

This honeymoon dessert stall is located inside Harbour city shopping centre, where the food court is!

The really really cute cookies tin!

Took a photo of it w my bear. haha SO CUTE RIGHT!

Anyway Jenny Bakery is v famous for their butter cookies so we bought a few tins back. And we finally got a chance to taste the cookies in sg, but sadly it tasted alright only. hahaha me and ziki didnt find it especially nice BUT everyone around us loves it…. strange.. hahahaha it doesnt come cheap though!

Jenny Bakery
Shop 203, 2/F, CKE Shopping Mall, 36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Opens 10am – 8pm

We had wanted to visit Five Generations for their egg pudding but sadly we couldn’t find the shop!! I think we may have gotten the address wrongly cos apparently it’s quite famous for it. In the end we dropped by this random char chang teng and rested there (cos we were so freaking tired) and had condensed milk bun & ice tea, which turned v sour due to ziki’s constant poking. ahem.

A typical char chang teng feel

Looks pretty not bad right. haha

Since it was a random shop, there would be no address 🙂

Next up, our much anticipated wait to meet our hongkong friends!! It’s strange how we met each other and now 5 years later, we still kept in touch and all. So glad we did stupid things when we were young, if not this friendship wouldn’t happen. hehe can’t believe I’m smiling to myself right now 🙂 So we went to some jap place for dinner. Pretty alright. Quiet and all and food’s pretty decent too. I guess hongkongers are really big fans of jap food. hahaha.

A very unglam us cos it was pouring so heavily outside we were quite soaked. haha

v sad the other 2 couldn’t make it 😦

and now, food galore

the salmon w cheese is really yummy

Oie Sushi   御家迴轉壽司

10/F, King Wah Centre, 620-628 Nathan Road

ending the entry with a few more photos w them 🙂

till next post!

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  1. huishan says:

    hello babe. im gg hongkong in a week’s time. ive heard alot about the q at tim ho wan. just to check, you reached at around 9am ?


    1. irisslove says:

      Yup! 9am. And there was alr ppl q-ing


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