Hongkong day 1.

Hey hey! I’m back w an update. Have been so busy after my trip I got no time for this space at all. Work has been physically and mentally draining this week but I’m really glad it’s over now. Okay throwing that aside, lemme blog about hongkong now. Hongkong has always been a special place to me. It is one place which I don’t mind travelling to every now and then for shopping & eating & meeting my lovely hongkong friends. So me and ziki decided to make a trip back together, after 5 long years.

We took Hong Kong airlines this time round, which was the first time the both of us were on this airline. Surprisingly, it didnt turn out to be a budget carrier though it was so much cheaper than all other budget air. We paid about $330 with tax for a return flight, which was pretty alright i supposed. I think HK air is pretty new cos not many people have heard of it before. Well, me neither. hahahaa.

An early early flight

A (really) small carrier

A sleepy us

Falling in love with WSJ, maybe cos it’s related to the industry I’m in. I find the articles interesting and interactive.

Food on the plane! Pleasantly pleased. 🙂

Though the food wasnt especially nice, but at least it’s edible.

One thing about HK airlines, maybe cos this flight is a short one so the carrier is really small. I personally advise not to sit at the aisle cos it’s really irritating. When people walk past you (especially the air stewardess), you can feel the vibration.

And few hours later, we were finally in HK! (yay) We didnt connect straight to the terminal but were ushered upon a bus to take us to the arrival hall. This was a first for us as well. Immigration was long but glad we were out in no time. Went to purchase our airport express tickets which was HKD 70 each (for one trip) before collecting our baggage 🙂

On the airport express!

The lights indicating how long more to go

I actually feel that the airport express is a good option cos it’s really convenient and clean. You can just place your luggage at the luggage section and then sit and enjoy the scenery. Moreover, it’s fast and you don’t have to handle the traffic jams along the way.

We dropped at Kowloon and then took a cab to our hotel, which was in Mongkok area. There are free airport shuttle at the station but sadly our hotel wasnt part of it. haha. Cabbing took about 10 minutes for only HKD 50. So half an hr later, we were at our hotel already! So much faster 🙂 The first thing we did was to drop by Shamrock to pass them our pandan chiffon cake (which they really like alot. haha) and then lunch at Mai Mun Kee (麥文記面家) to have wanton noodle! Scrapped off our plan to have congee cos we figured we could not make it in time since the stall closed at 3. Mai Mun Kee is just 2 streets behind Shamrock, located at parkes street. We went there previously so we thought to drop by there again this time round. And surprisingly it was SO crowded! Has it become popular or something? hahah. We didnt try the wanton noodle cos we wanted something different. So I had dumpling noodles dry and ziki has beef brisket noodle soup.

Dumpling noodles HKD 38

Beef brisket noodle HKD 28

Honestly, I think their soup version is nicer, regardless of whatever noodles you ordered. Their dry version is really dry and oily. And comparing all 3 – wanton, dumpling & beef brisket, beef brisket gotta be my fav 🙂 Alot people order their pig trotters (with fermented beancurd) as well. For the adventurous, maybe you can give it a try. And I think they increase their price. It wasnt this expensive when we first patronise the shop. Hmmm. Anyway here’s the address!

Mai Mun Kee Noodles

51 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong

Opening 12pm – 1230am

 So we took a train down to Mongkok for the start of our shopping trip! We started with Argyle centre where we got Happy Lemon! Wanted to get our green noodles but we were too full. Didn’t get much stuffs but I really love the metal tip collar top we got from Argyle. And soon enough we head to Langham place for Honeymoon desserts cos we were tired already. hahah. And we decided to make use of our rest time by connecting to the world. lol

A refreshing drink to conquer our shopping trip!

We ordered one of their signature – Grapefruit w aloe vera jelly. Not bad at all.

Our favourite mango pancake

Fresh cream w big chunks of sweet mango

This is gonna be our second favourite. hehe

Can’t remember how much we paid but the desserts here are the best. I know there’s one outlet in sg but nothing beats it like the one in hk. The cream they use here is totally different and the mango aint that sweet too. Ahhh, i really miss honeymoon desserts 🙂

满记甜品 Honeymoon Dessert
Level 4, shop 409, Langham Place Shopping Mall

So we went to H&M after that but we didnt get anything sadly. Proceeded on for dinner which was at Yau Ma Tei area for some claypot rice! Lucky we didnt have to navigate much after we come out from the MRT and we walked like 5 steps faster. haha. Cos once we got in line, suddenly there are like so many people behind us! we were like so thankful.

Chicken & chinese sausage claypot rice HKD 30

Oyster omelette

Some vege with fermented sauce. haha HKD 9

It was a good meal and the price came up to be pretty cheap too. One thing about claypot rice here is the use of light soy sauce instead of the dark soy sauce we used in sg. I like the one we had, the chicken was right and the base of the rice was lil burnt but  the chinese sausage was way salty. Oyster omelette was pretty interesting too. But it gets jelat after awhile. Am glad there’s some vege to go along. False delusion of being healthier. hahahah 🙂

Four Seasons Claypot Rice, 四季煲仔飯
油麻地鴉打街46-58號, (46-58, Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei (adjacent to Temple Street))

We had wanted to walk temple street but chance upon Xu Liu Shan so we dropped by for a drink and rested for abit.

I dont really like my watermelon drink cos I think it’s not sweet enough

Xu Liu Shan is everywhere in Hongkong. This particular outlet was right opposite Silka Seaview Hotel

The night went on to more walking around Mongkok area before finally making back to our hotel to rest for the night. Lemme introduce to you our hotel! haha. This time we didnt stay at Shamrock cos it was too expensive. We opt for this small hotel at Mongkok area called Pop Hotel. It was a short walk away from Langham Place shopping centre but sadly it was also located at the red light district (but it’s safe). haha

Our compact room

I guess the best part was the toilet. haha. It’s really clean and the spray was really good. Though due to some maintenance, the flush was not working very well. But I doubt i will return here again cos there’s nothing that attracts me. Besides, the people at the  hotel are not very friendly. But it’s relatively cheap though for sgd 120/night.

POP Hotel
No. 950 Canton Road (near Soy street), Mong Kok
MTR: Mongkok station E1 exit (3 mins), Mongkok East station (10 mins), Tel :852-2117 0033

Ending the entry w my OTD of day 1

Till the next post 🙂

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