We had our last dinner together in Queensbury for we don’t know when will be the next time we return (if we even return). haha anyway we had always wanted to try Red Lobster which was near Walmart for their $15 seafood feast so we finally made our way there 🙂

the theme was blue. haha

v jelat

my pasta and what was left. hahaha literally left untouched. honestly, it was quite bad

dessert – sinful dessert

I would say the food to be mediocre but in a small town like this, we shouldn’t have high expectations right. haha

dearest wolfpack! 🙂

and we decided to make a last trip to Walmart, which we met our Turkish friends there, so we take time to take a group picture tgt! (I know, in a supermaarket =.=)

and back at the hostel, saying our good byes

with hong hong.

and the 2 jokers

till we meet again 😉

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