I finally decided to blog about Phuket which happened a long while ago. hahaha. This trip was inspired by the coupon deals we saw online and we thought it was quite a steal so we decided to take a short break over the weekend. We flew by Jetstar and stayed at this place called Bhukitta Hotel & Spa, which was located right next to the bus terminal! The hotel has its ups & downs but generally the stay was pretty pleasant. When we reached Phuket, the first thing we did was to book our Phi Phi island tour at the airport desk. hahaa we didn’t book it online cos we thought the prices were pretty steep. Though the package offered was not very cheap, but we were glad there was a spot for us to get on. Suggestion: Book trips in Phuket itself. There are alot more smaller tour operators that offer cheaper price. It was already pretty late by then so we met up with our arranged driver and he drove us straight to our hotel. And since there was pretty much to do, we got ready for bed and await our next morning actitivites!

Waiting for our flight, which was delayed

Our small & cozy room

and the simple bathroom

The hotel provided free brekkie but I think we were too early or there were too many guests waiting for breakfast next morning such that they were unable to handle. It was like 1 plate of beehoon to 50 guests and like the beehoon totally disappeared in 2 minutes. It was crazy. So in the end me and ziki didnt have much 😦 Proceeded on to our tour but sadly it started raining when we reached. We chose to wait for the rain to stop (lucky it did eventually!) and yay! Phiphi here we come!

The sand on the beach was totally awesome! Like super fine and soft and you really enjoy strolling along the beach

Passed by some cave but can’t remember what was this. haha look at how blue the water is!

Went to monkey island to feed the monkeys and then off for some snorkelling! These monkeys are really smart. They know how to approach strangers and just grab the food off their fingers. haha and one of them was even caught drinking pepsi from the bottle!

A picture after our snorkelling.

I think it’s quite an experience. haha first point to note: always bring wet wipes w you cos you never know when you need them. The masks and the mouthpieces were so dirty! It was like after we wiped them, the tissue were like dark brownish. EWWWWW. Imagine if we didn’t clean them in the first place!! Gross out. hahaha. And our snorkelling really cannot make it cos I think we couldn’t get used to breathing through the mouth. I kept tasting the seawater! omg. LOL. So like I totally gave up after awhile.

This was what was below us when we snorkelled

Lunch was next! Meet some new friends as well, follow by a short walk around the island and then off to another island for more snorkelling session which me and ziki just camwhored there. haha

Remember to wear sandals. hahaha. Havaianas sandals are the best!

That wraps up the day trip! Had a long drive back to our hotel and the original plan was to go to night market to have our dinner. But we were too hungry and we had to be back for our cabaret show so we decided to settle for some roadside hawker which turned out to be a brilliant choice cos the food was so awesome! hahah

This yellow curry prawns is the bomb. hahaha. I think we had like seafood overdose cos everything has prawns in them.

This was one of the up side of our hotel cos if we had stayed at the popular patong area we would not have chance upon this random hawker and had this cheap and awesome dinner. Well, we did walk over to the night market area after that but there was nothing much (so disappointed!) haha so we prepared and got ready for the cabaret show! And one of the down side of the hotel was cos it was not at the popular patong area, it makes travelling so much more inconvenient. hahahah

First row seats 😮

Picture before the show!

I think the show was pretty good though it was funny to see they would still fight for attention even though their act was over. haha and I’m thankful I’m not a guy cos the ladies would like literally stick themselves to you and do whatever nonsense! omg. and after the whole show ended, they stood one line outside and prepared to have photos taken. But be prepared to tip them! If you are not generous enough, they would even ask for more!!

With “Cher”

Some of them are really damn freaking hot! So hot I’m embarrassed myself to say I’m a lady too. hahaha but once they open their mouth…. it’s horror. LOL

Our plan for the next day was to go for spa and then just stay around the area. But before that, breakfast at the hotel again! Thankfully that morning we were abit later so there wasn’t that much crowd, but still not enough food though. hahaha. And the server knew, so he specially got us watermelon from the kitchen! (cos the buffet table was empty already) Awww. hahaha

tada! Totally made our day 🙂

Went to this spa called Oriental de Phuket but I think it was alright only~

Went on a food hunt next. We managed to find mango sticky rice, thai milk tea, green curry, pad thai & finally ziki’s craving for pancake! haha

and lots of scribbling on the wall

so did we! haha

Lunch was at this random restaurant cos the price was reasonable and there were alot people inside. I wouldn’t say it was a bad choice but it wasn’t the best choice either. hahaha. I think we had more expectation for the food but it wasn’t that nice.

Honestly, Nakhon Kitchen’s milk tea in sg IS SO MUCH NICER!

Had icecream after awhile cos we were so tired from all the shopping already. lol

yay! finally found the pancake stall after walking dont know how many rounds

Someone was so happy. haha

Ending with this last picture while waiting for our last driver to fetch us to the airport! I think I would definitely return to Phuket again, but maybe next time staying at the patong area. haha but one of the highlights was definitely visiting the different islands and snorkelling? I’ll think about it again. haha 🙂

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