One Prawn & Co – Really Gao and Delightful Prawn Broth in A Claypot

Took the family to try One Prawn & Co over the public holiday and I say it was a mistake. lol. We reached at 10.55am (the shop opens at 11am) and there was already a snaking queue infront of us. I say we were the 50th in queue. And it was really hot that day


The bright menu that awaits us


And the long line infront of us


Approximately one hour later..

There was also some drama where a family was so angry their order did not arrive but the customer behind them already had their food and they also mixed up our noodles

Well, a hungry man is an angry man especially if you have kids to worry about




They serve the noodles and prawn separately so you get to enjoy the soup as its own. The broth with the noodles were different with a lighter taste to it but the soup in the claypot was rich and full of umami


Tobiko Prawn Ball & Prawns $14

I had the one with the tobiko prawn balls and I like the bouncy and firm texture of the prawn balls. I would order this again


Braised Pork Ribs & Prawns $14


Shabu Sliced Pork & Prawns $14

The sliced pork was pretty good as well. The thin slices were tender with a little bit of chewiness and it went well with the broth


Ngoh Hiang Platter (1-2pax) $8.50


I did enjoy the ngoh hiang platter and prefer this to the one at Beach Road. I thought it was pretty good overall


The portion of the noodles was generous and they allow for refill of the soup. The soup itself was quite worth mentioning though I definitely wouldn’t want to queue an hour for it. I’m not sure if it’s a PH thing or it’s a common occurrence on weekend as well. Then my suggestion is.. bring a fan and keep your expectations low. Cos sometimes the longer you spent waiting for something, you tend to have higher expectations that it would taste fantastic

One Prawn & Co

458 MacPherson Road

Singapore 368176

The menu below for reference





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