Two Bakers – Affordable Cafe Food At Serangoon

I missed having brunch. But there were not much new cafes these days so I thought we could visit one of those we have yet to try. To be honest, I didn’t take much notice of Two Bakers until I needed a cake during CB period and I came across Two Bakers (but no, eventually I didn’t order from them) So I decided that I shall go back there one day. The place was really full on weekends with a constant stream of crowd but service was pretty fast which was good cos I was really hungry after a workout šŸ˜”



Pretty much most of the tables were ‘Reserved’


Flat White $5

Thought the coffee was pretty good. It was light at first but you can slowly taste the roast and flavour of the beans


Tropical Smoothie $9

Mango, Orange, Green Apple


Har Cheong Gai Drumplets $12

The drumlets, hmm, could do more of the har cheong gai taste. It’s like somewhat there but not there yet


Luncheon Fries with Lime Aioli & Furikake $12

Pretty much tasted like deep fried luncheon meat


Spicy Crab Omelette $18

Blue Crab, Chipotle Aioli, Gruyere, Tobiko, Mesculin Salad, Sourdough Toast

I thought the eggs were done quite well. I like the crab with the spicy aioli and the crispy sourdough which tasted still as crisp even after awhile


Bulgogi Steak Don $18

Angus Sirloin, Spinach, Shimeiji Mushrooms, 64deg egg

I thought the sirloin steak was cooked quite well. The rub on the steak does remind me of eating bulgogi beef and you can’t help yourself to a second slice


Earl Grey Pancakes $14

Roasted Pecan, Caramel Maple Sauce, Poached Pear, Strawberries

I really like the pancakes. The earl grey was infused perfectly and the pancakes have a nice texture to them without being too dry


Happy brunch time šŸ™‚

And cos I was so tempted by the desserts, we dabao-ed them back home cos we were so stuffed by our meal


(From Left) Blush $8.50, Lemongrass $8.50, Spring $8.50, Goma $9, Caramel Dream $8.50


In short, I didn’t like them. I didn’t like the texture of the mousse as I find them a little too heavy for my liking. So I tried 2/5 and decided to give up on the rest. ha

The savouries were definitely better than the sweets. I actually thought the food was pretty decent, the service was good and their prices are pretty reasonable. On top of that, they do have a number of things on their menu. If you are looking for somewhere in the north-east region, well, here’s another one to the list

Two Bakers

9 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545720

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