Lost Heaven on The Bund – Home to Affordable, Delicious Yunnan Folk Cuisine

When I told my mum we were going to 迷失的天堂 for dinner, she was like what kind of name is that? Ha. Located close to the bund, this flagship restaurant serving Yunnan cuisine is a popular place to locals and foreigners and the crowd on a weekday night could tell us so. With inspiration spanning from different type of local religious group, you can find hints of Tibetan, Yi, Na Xi, Dai, Miao, and Yao tribes from the interior and cuisine available at Lost Heaven. The restaurant is located on the second floor with the third and fourth being a bar, terrace and a space meant for private parties

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It was so crowded that if you didn’t have a reservation, you would be turned away. Thankfully, there’s Chope to the rescue!


I was so amused by this..


And it turns out to be a cover for the plate. And I’m like okay..



Yunnan Eggplant & Tofu Salad RMB58

After I ordered this, the mum asked me.. you know the both of us don’t eat eggplant right..

Me: But it’s popular! Try lor

In the end, we wiped the entire plate clean. I love the fragrance of the spice and herbs used, with garlic, chilli, green onions to bring out the flavour of this otherwise boring dish. The tofu and the softly cooked eggplant even though served cold was appetising and it’s probably a dish I would order again


Da Li Style Chicken w Chilli & Green Onions RMB78

Ooh this chicken! (even though you can’t see much) The chicken was fried to a crispy texture with the meat tender and smooth to taste. Love the light seasoning on the chicken alongside the abundance of green onions that was topped with it. We reckon anything with green onions and a little hint of chilli go well. I highly recommend this dish


Burmese Prawns w Tomato Sauce RMB130


Honestly, it wasn’t as tomato-ey with hints of coconut in it. It somewhat reminded me of Thai cuisine, with the taste inkling closer to it. Overall, this dish is okay. I probably try something else the next time I visit


Fried Rice with Yunnan Ham RMB78

We ordered this just cos if there’s anything was too oily, salty or spicy, there’s rice to go along. In any case, this fried rice was just normal. There was nothing special with the ham either

I do think they serve some decent food in here. Even though it may seem a little overcrowded and overwhelming at times, but it’s worth a visit if you are staying near the bund

Lost Heaven (The Bund)

17 Yan’an Dong Lu, near Sichuan Nan Lu

Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

延安东路17号, 近四川南路

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