Sketch London – Having High Tea in Their Pink Room

High tea in London is not to be missed, and there are many options out there for you to decide where to spend your afternoon in. Sketch London – The Gallery is probably one of the most intriguing places to have afternoon tea with its plush pink seats, gold bar, live bands and eggshell-like toilet cubicles. It felt like you were having afternoon tea inside Alice in the Wonderland. Reservations for The Gallery only opened one month prior so be reminded to make reservations when going down



Toilet cubicles

Afternoon tea here is classified into different categories. They have the usual afternoon tea (just tea) £58/pax, Champagne afternoon tea £75/pax, British sparkling afternoon tea £79/pax, Alcohol free bubbling afternoon tea £69/pax and Children’s afternoon tea £30/pax. Yeap, it took us some time to decide which one to go for but eventually we decided on the Pommery Brut Silver. The place here seems pretty busy and it feels quite difficult to catch the attention of the staffs. So even though we had our champagne, we were left on our own deciding if we need to order the tea as well. For a moment I thought we were having afternoon tea without tea and just champagne


Drinking champagne from a saucer, a first for me


Randomness on their tea set, which makes no sense to me honestly

I had the Lychee Red, a black tea based combined with Lychee pearls. I felt like there could be more of the Lychee sweetness. It was not bad, but probably not the best


Egg and Soldiers / The Caviar Man

Comte Cheese Mornay, 63 degree egg yolk served with Toasts and Oscietra Caviar

A starter to the high tea for those rumbling stomach. This tasted quite strange to me, perhaps of the strong cheese flavour. An acquired taste I would say


And then came the food. You have sandwiches to tarts, cakes, choux pastry, meringue to cream cakes and scones. Oh gosh, it was like how are we going to finish everything?




The sandwiches tasted pretty decent, other than the salmon one which I didn’t quite like the bread they use. The tart and cake was excellent but the choux pastry was perhaps too much to handle. And then we pretty much left the top layer untouched cos we were trying to stuff everything down our throat


Scones come in plain or fruits


The scones were delicious. Warm, soft and moist, and I love the pairing with the jam

And then when you thought that was all..


Victoria Sponge Cake


Pistachio Fruit Cake

It was too much to handle. We stared at the cake, they stared back


Being seated next to the live band means you can hear them loud and clear

When people first heard of me heading to Sketch, they were skeptical cos the food there was apparently not that great. But I thought the afternoon tea was pretty okay and the amount of food being served was insane. We were there for 2 hours and yet we couldn’t finish everything. This quizzical place is probably one to visit if you are looking for something fun in London, regardless of the pink interior, the artsy wall or just here to be seen


Sketch London

9 Conduit St, Mayfair, London W1S 2XG


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