Flipper’s – Must-Have Kiseki Pancakes in Hong Kong

The famed Flipper’s Kiseki pancakes found its home at Hysan Place, Hong Kong. Originating from Tokyo, Flipper’s opened with much fanfare, sprouting long waiting time for pancake lovers alike. And I was resolved to try it, before catching my flight back to Singapore. So I made my way to i.t blue block on the 6th floor only to be greeted with a line at 11.30am. Mentally calculating how much time I would have in order to make it to the airport on time, I stood in line and waited (and silently praying the queue start moving). Diners can also opt to get a number and come back at the stipulated time if you decide to skip the queue. Considering I managed to get in within 20 minutes, I thought I was considerably lucky enough


The menu was pretty straightforward. The savoury pancakes were not available at the moment but for the sweet version, you can choose from Plain, Strawberries & Banana, Green Tea & Red Beans or Chocolate & Banana. Well, I went for the limited edition of Honeydew Melon


Iced Cafe Latte HKD45

The latte was pretty light, so light I thought I was drinking milk with a dash of espresso


Kiseki Pancake Honeydew Melon HKD159 – Limited Edition

Made from ingredients imported from Japan, these took 25 minutes to deliver. Served in thick stacks of 3, accompanied with fresh cut melons, melon sorbet and a generous amount of whipped cream


The best thing that could be served. This melon sorbet was icy, refreshing and sweet. I think you can just eat the sorbet on its own if you find it a waste to pair with the pancakes


Each bite of the pancake was oh-so-satisfying. Eggy, fluffy and light, it reminded me of those souffle-like egg cakes. Yet the texture here is very smooth with a slightly sweet exterior


I felt like every component on the plate was served right. Maybe the melons could just been a touch more ripe. But I did enjoy these pancakes very much


Photography: 2 minutes, Eating: 10 minutes. Well, glad to say I managed to make it to the airport with lots of time to spare. Phew

Would I come back again? Yes, definitely. Though the prices here are twice as expensive as those in Japan, which is honestly insane. But still, that does not seem to stop the crowd from coming. If you have too much time (and stomach space) to spare in Hong Kong, this place is worth checking out


500 Hennessy Rd, 6/F Hysan Place

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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