Lee Lo Mei – Serving Creative Hong Kong Classics

Lee Lo Mei is a quirky place, with interiors and deco modelling after traditional char chan teng and da pai tong to give diners an experience closer to home. Under ZS Hospitality group, this restaurant is the 4th one under their belt. Taking up two floors, the ground floor is mainly occupied by the bar with areas for after work drinks. The second level houses an air conditioned dining space, with bright & loud posters of Hong Kong’s street life, wooden chairs and colourful wooden chopsticks



It’s like dining on the streets, atas version

We were looking through their instagram to see what to order and the staff was like ‘No need to see instagram, just ask me!’ But then he recommended us Crispy Wanton and Golden Shrimp which we were not very interested in, so we got back to instagram. lol


Tai Chi HKD128

Spicy Rum infused with Cinnamon, Kahlua, Bailey’s, Lee Lo Mei milk tea, Expresso (not sure if pun intended or spelling error)

A range of cocktails with interesting names, I had the Tai Chi. It tasted somewhat strange with a strong dash of cinnamon and a lingering espresso flavour. I thought the cocktail had too much water in it and the taste of the milk tea only came towards the end


Chicken Wings HKD138

Comes with 2 abalone stuffed, so we were wondering who will be the lucky 2!


And it’s me! yay. The chicken wings are brined, fried, boneless and stuffed with sticky rice and I would say it was delicious. The chicken wings reminded me of salt crispy chicken. The meat was tender and I like the sticky rice that gave a different texture to it


Turnip Cake HKD88

Made with mainly turnip puree and fried with XO sauce, I thought the turnip cake was just normal. I enjoyed the pickled turnip though


Charcoal Squid HKD128

The squid were sweet and chilli glazed before smoking with a charcoal flavour. The result was a tantalising smokiness that you would come back for more. The squid came with charcoal eggplants that were so black we couldn’t tell they were eggplants if we never read the description


“Ho Fun” Hong Kong Style HKD258

Served with wagyu beef, it was probably the reason for the high price


The ho fun had a nice wok hey taste to it but may be a little too oily for me. I think it was a decent plate of ho fun but I think a normal plate of ho fun would suffice for me


Seafood Claypot Rice HKD288


Served with 8 different kind of seafood, the claypot rice reminded me of Spanish paella, but cooked Hong Kong style. Love the seafood infused rice that was flavourful and punchy and the sweetness of the seafood that came along. I think I would probably order this again

In terms of creativity, Lee Lo Mei definitely is one on the radar. You find dishes that are similar yet different and each plate brings a surprise. I wouldn’t mind coming back to try the other dishes like the 50-minutes wait “Full of Rice” chicken, though I think the prices are definitely on the higher side. But I will probably skip their cocktails for somewhere else

Lee Lo Mei

8 Lyndhurst Terrace,

Central, Hong Kong

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