Fynn’s Cafe @ South Beach Avenue

The friend recommended me to try Fynn’s Cafe, one of the many F&B that is newly opened at South Beach Avenue which is conveniently located next to Esplanade mrt exit. The cafe is beautiful and tastefully furnished. It feels like having food in a serenity of a garden, though the tables might feel a little cramped within the small space



Secret Garden $18

Mancino Secco, Peach Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice, Fresh Mint

Started off with a cocktail while waiting for the party to come. The drink was supposed to be refreshing and easy to drink but I don’t quite agree with the description. It tasted like medicine initially, though the taste slowly dissipates. But I wouldn’t say I enjoy this very much


Truffle Fries $10 (off the menu)

We were so hungry and asked if they serve fries. You can choose between normal fries ($5) or truffle fries to be served as a side itself. The fries were okay, a little more on the crisp side and the truffle taste was pretty spread out


Seared Salmon Quinoa $24

With Beetroot, Cucumber & Feta

The salmon was a little too pinkish and soft and it broke apart easily when you slice the meat. Thought it would be better if it could just stay on the pan for a little bit more. I would have preferred a warm plate of quinoa than it being served cold


Beef Burger $22

Served with Cheddar Cheese and homemade bun


Cavatelli $24

With Broken Pork Sausage, Red Wine Braised Octopus, Parmesan, Fennel Seeds, Tomato Sauce

The cavatelli sounds better than it tastes. The sauce isn’t the most appetising and I felt like the pasta was a little too hard and chewy


Tagliatelle $23

Spicy Prawns, Asparagus, Garlic, Breadcrumbs, Light Prawn Sauce


The flavours of this dish was okay. I like the texture of the prawns but the tagliatelle was a little thick. And as a result, the pasta didn’t blend well


Mille-Fueille $12.50

I like the crispiness of the pastry though I think if they add some vanilla to the custard, it would have tasted better


Dessert of the day $11

Chocolate and Strawberry Shortcake

Unfortunately to say, I didn’t quite like the shortcake very much. It was okay, but nothing much to rave about


Flat White $5.50

End off the meal with a cup of coffee and beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters, that probably provided some comfort to a not very satisfying meal

It’s a pity that the food and drinks here were pretty meh in contrast to a beautifully done up place. Overall, it just felt like expectations fell short here


26 Beach Road #B1-21, S(189768)

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