Izakaya Nijumaru – Discovering Another Izakaya at Cuppage Plaza

Cuppage Plaza is probably home to lots of Japanese restaurants, hidden or conspicuously hidden at the least expected place. The friend suggested this place for dinner and I thought we could do drinks there as well. The restaurant requires all party to arrive before they could sit you. Crowd on a weekday night is thin, so I think you can easily get a seat there


Hakkaisan $78

Their list of sake is meagre and there is probably not much to choose from, in terms of quantity and quality

Kawahagi Himono $9

A nice side to accompany your alcohol. Japanese fugu fish, the texture is somewhat like cuttlefish though I would still prefer stingray fins anytime

Shitake Mushrooms $8

Taste like mushrooms, nothing notable to mention

Agedashi Tofu $13

Ika Sugate Yaki $9

I thought their squid was nicely grilled

Ika Butter Yaki $9

So much that we ordered another version of squid to try. The friend said this tasted like popcorn but I think the taste of butter overwhelms the dish a little too much

Unagi Kabayaki $20

Asked the friend, how’s the eel? She replied, hmm, tasted like unagi. I think it’s very hard to go wrong with unagi, unless you over or undercooked them

Yakitori $6 (left) Tori Tsukune $7.50 (right)

I prefer the chicken balls to the yakitori. More flavourful and moist and you could taste the slightly burnt fragrance

Tori Kawa $6

I think the chicken skin is a little too thick and chewy

Buta Bara $7.50

A recommendation by them, I thought it was just so-so. It could afford to be more crispy, tender and moist

Beef Teriyaki Set $20

Their rice dishes fared a little better but the beef can be more tender. It was slightly too chewy

Katsu Curry Rice $12

Probably the best dish of the night, but then again, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with Japanese curry

Wanted desserts, but they only had icecream, so we moved on to Kazu. Speaking of Kazu (I know it’s not related to this review, but still). We had went in as walk-in customers at 9pm but they were displeased cos we were just ordering desserts and sake. We wanted to leave and they say we can’t cos they already sent in our orders (when we barely sat down) -.-  The service and attitude was down to the drains that night. Kazu, I love you leh, but why you like that! #toomuch

Back to point, honestly, the food here ain’t impressive. I had gone with no expectations but it was rather disappointing. The only comfort here, if any, is probably the rather reasonable pricing. I believe there are many more izakaya out there, with probably better food as well

Izakaya Nijumaru

5 Koek Rd, #02-02-10/12 , 10 Cuppage Road S(228796)

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