L’Espresso – English High Tea Buffet A Delightful Treat

High tea, a selection of pastries and finger food enjoyed over a cup of coffee and tea, normally termed as the tai tai life just cos it happens at the weirdest hour. And since we don’t usually eat them often, I decided to bring the folks to L’espresso cafe at Goodwood Park to try their English high tea buffet that has earned quite a reputation for their high tea indulgence

The spread at L’Espresso was rather impressive and every single item looks tempting. Their open face sandwiches are worth a try with items like homemade pork terrine with rosemary apricot chutney, crabmeat salad with avocado & tomato salsa, shrimp cocktail with raspberry aioli, smoked salmon with caviar to name a few. If you want something more substantial, dig in the pork goulash with brioche with the meat so tenderized and cook with an amazing sauce or the creole salmon with citrus crust & horseradish, potato, leek & bacon pie, pasta with garlic and prawn & cream and chilli chicken con carne in tortilla which tastes equally amazing


Selection of sandwiches and croissants

Sandwiches: Tuna Mayo / Cucumber & Cream Cheese / Garlic Cream Cheese with Cranberry & Walnut / Turkey Ham with Apple & Cheddar / Smoked Pork with Cheese & Orange Marmalade

Croissants: Poached chicken, avocado & bacon / Prawn & Mango Salad


Smoked salmon, Assorted Ham

The salmon was rather disappointing I must say, but try the Parma ham!


(From top left) Fried Chicken, Fried Shrimps, Swedish meatballs in brown gravy & lingonberry jam, Crispy oyster mushrooms

We were raving over the crispy mushrooms that were insignificant yet delightful


Scones & Bread pudding


Selection of desserts

  Rose cream mirabelle plum / Banana tea cake / Green tea pistachio /  Blackcurrant sliced cake / Mini creme caramel / Baked cheese cake / Mango yoghurt dream / Passion fruits meringue tarletlette / Raspberry earl grey slide / Silky vanilla & orange wanna cotta / Mini apple crumble


Chocolate crunchy hazelnut dome / White chocolate mango / Chocolate brownie / Assorted truffles & praline



I really enjoyed their croissants and open face sandwiches which you can just pop into your mouth and savour their balanced and contrasting flavours



Desserts were amazing too. Each has their own flavour and contrast and it was difficult picking a favourite

It is without a doubt why L’espresso cafe stands as an all-time favourite for high tea buffet. With an extensive spread, the quality of the food does not seem to falter. This cozy restaurant makes an ideal place for a catch-up or just idling the afternoon away in the comfort of big leather chairs and an elegant spread

English afternoon high tea buffet, with two servings of coffee or tea; from a selection of premium coffee and TWG tea

Monday to Thursday
2pm to 5.30pm
$45 per adult; $22.50 per child

Friday to Sunday, eve of and on Public Holiday
1st seating: 12pm to 2.30pm; 2nd seating: 3pm to 5.30pm
$48 per adult, $24 per child

L’Espresso Cafe

Goodwood Park Hotel

 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore (228221)

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