GKSS – Fresh Seafood Lunch With A View

Stopped by Långedrag for lunch after our morning trip to the Archipelago islands. The host actually recommended us to try Långedrag Värdshus for its seafood lunch and really nice harbour views. But in the haste of getting to the restaurant cos we were so hungry,  we went into the wrong lunch place by visiting GKSS, a boat club located at the other side with pretty good harbour views too. (We heard this place serves better food)


There was no English menu, so we stood in front of the board and trying to decipher what each line means, until the very cute waitress came over to translate for us


And no tourists either. We are like the anomaly


It would be really nice to sit by the water if the weather wasn’t that cold (yes, even though there’s sunshine)


Complimentary bread with cream cheese sauce. Sorry about not including the sauce in the picture, I forgot. Ha but it was good. Light and creamy topped on soft bread, simple yet delicious


Haddock with potatoes and remoulade sauce 169kr

The friend enjoyed her lunch a lot. Beautifully cooked fish with firm and sweet fish meat complement with an appetising sauce, and generous portion too


Seafood soup with haddock & salmon 198kr


This is probably one of the nicest fish soup I’ve tried. It was zesty and flavourful, filled with sweetness of the seafood with fresh meaty fish and very chewy shrimps. Their shrimps here are pretty interesting, not quite like what we eat in Singapore but with a different kind of texture


Keylime pie with cream & pomegranate 75kr

The dessert has a few component to it, with a crumble base, sweet filling, light cream and sour lingonberries. It tastes better when you eat all together just cos the flavours balance each other but if you eat it separately, it just felt too overwhelming


Well if are wondering how I got the names in English, I google translated the menu. Other than the haddock dish, we saw many people ordering their open sandwich topped with an enormous amount of shrimps, which looks pretty good too. Even though this was another accidental find, but it probably serves one of the better meals we had. So I must say it was really a blessing in disguise

The Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club

Talattagatan 10, 426 76 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

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