Asian Market Cafe – A Local-Focused Buffet Spread at Fairmont Hotel

Was invited to view newly renovated Fairmont rooms with a few of the colleagues, so we took the opportunity to dine at Asian Market Cafe, a halal certified International buffet located at the second floor of the Fairmont hotel. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to find a halal certified restaurant that serves decent International cuisine. You will be glad to know there’s another option with Asian Market Cafe and also given it’s convenient location, it just gives another reason to consider


Fresh Seafood – Prawns, Scallops and Mussels



Limited Japanese Selection


For some reason, the colleague adored the seafood here but I personally think they are rather normal and it wouldn’t hurt to give it a miss. Save your stomach space for something else!


DIY Rojak Station


Prawn Fritters and Otah


Selection of cooked food



Roast Beef


Fish Fillet


Chilli Crab


Crayfish and Mantou dipped in Chilli Crab Sauce

Well I know the mantou goes with chilli crab but I couldn’t the resist the crayfish. The crayfish was delicious. I love the sauce and the succulent crayfish meat that was nicely done, which is why the pot of crayfish is never full. It shows how popular this dish is. The mantou can be better if it is warmer. I felt like these were left out in the cold too long that it loses that crispiness of what a mantou should have


Indian selection

They even have a teh tarik ‘live station’


And the chef making a fresh prata for me!


Toss and flip



The freshly made prata is one you should try. The buttery fragrance, oily texture and the crispy prata skin dipped in curry was pretty delicious


DIY Laksa Station


Choose your own noodles and toppings


And a bowl of laksa is waiting for you

The laksa broth is very thick so if you prefer those drinkable laksa broth you get outside, you might not be used to this version. I think the laksa is decent but what makes this laksa so attractive is the idea you can cook your own laksa on the spot and determine what ingredients you want to add in it


Chicken Rice Station


Herbal Chicken Soup

The soup was infused with the essence of the herbs that produced a very light and sweet chicken soup


DIY Ice Kachang and Icecream


Dessert corner


This durian puree might not have the best presentation but it is so good. Thick, smooth and sweet with a delectable durian taste, you will have no problem finishing the entire slab


And if you want more cakes and desserts


I personally love the chocolate praline cake


There are some hits and misses but what I like about this place is the individual stations that offer a different cuisine, which you can DIY or order it on the spot that added a little fun. I thought the cooked food in general was pretty decent and they have a good variety of food to choose from. To me, having a good variety of a buffet spread is very important if I am having buffet as a meal because by looking at such variety, you just feel like trying a little of everything. For those who want to give Asian Market Cafe a try, price list is as follows:

Lunch (Monday to Friday) $55++ per adult, $28++ per child
High Tea* (Saturday and Sunday) $48++ per adult, $26++ per child
Dinner (Daily) $65++ per adult, $33++ per child

*A separate buffet menu is available during High Tea

Thanks Dave for hosting us

Asian Market Cafe

80 Bras Basah Road 

Fairmont Hotel Level 2 S(189560)



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