Clinton Street Baking Company – It’s Here in Singapore

I’m sure most of you have heard of Clinton St Baking Company, yes it’s that famous brunch from New York City that has just found its place in Singapore after Japan in Asia. Famous for their pancakes and waffles, the friends and I made our way down on their first day of opening even at the expense if we have to wait long. But well fortunately we only waited for 15 minutes before we were ushered inside to an already crowded restaurant. We spotted a lot of familiar faces too, in particular the media

Packed to the brim

Latte $6

No fancy latte art, but if you rather want one, you can always use your imagination #justsaying

The coffee was decent, a little bitter with a deep roasted aroma

Hand Cut Fries $7

The fries in my opinion was a little different. Portion was small, fries look really unpresentable but they actually surprise me. A little charred yet crispy and they tasted sweet than salty. I actually like them

Banana Walnut Pancake with Warm Maple Butter $18

Supposedly more famous for their blueberry pancakes, we decided to give the banana walnut a try. Read ‘Banana Walnut’. We realised we have no walnuts after we finished the pancakes. Being said, the pancakes were crispy on the outside and stuffed with bananas within. The pancakes are a little more wet than the usual pancakes you will have though the friends prefer the drier and fluffy one. And I, prefer the Japan’s version

Chicken & Waffles w Warm Maple Butter $21

The only item on the lunch menu that was available for brunch given they are famous for this dish. I find the combination of chicken and waffles a little weird and the waffles and chicken overall, were dry. If you drizzle the maple butter sauce over and eat it together, they go just fine together but on its own, it failed to shine

Huevos Rancheros $20

Sunny side eggs with red beans, guacamole, jalapeño sour cream, salsa picante, pepper Jack Cheese with chorizo +$4

We decided to be different. I think Mexican is not my thing, but I like the sour cream and chorizo though perhaps the Spanish one sounds a little bit better

Blueberry Cheesecake

The cheesecake was really delicious. Super smooth, creamy and melt-in-your-mouth texture drizzled with sweet blueberry sauce, it was a delight to feast on

Given they were just opened for business, understandably there will be hits and misses. Service was prompt, portion was generous and I thought the prices here are pretty reasonable though. Hopefully they will be able to fine tune some of the food. There is still some promise in them, afterall, they are Clinton St Baking Company

Clinton Street Baking Company

31 Purvis Street S(188608)

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