Dazzling Cafe, That Taiwanese Honey Toast

I actually went back twice, not because the food here was so awesome but cos the first time the friend pangseh-ed us, so we went back again so she can try. The whole mall is still very new, with only a few tenants operating just yet. And Dazzling Cafe is one of them. If you are a frequent traveller to Taiwan or an avid fan of toast, you will not find Dazzling Cafe a stranger. The concept of the cafe was pretty, or rather cutesy with likes of a typical hi tea kind of setting. I am sure females will just be drawn to the welcoming interior of the cafe without even trying the food

Rose Latte (w alcohol) $8

I think the rose latte was actually pretty decent. A strong hint of rose balanced by the coffee without much taste of alocohol. But apparently there is really presence of alcohol in it cos D’s face turned red after drinking it. Hee

Dark Chocolate Mocha $8

A confusing cup of coffee with the chocolate and mocha being neither here nor there

Truffle Fries $10.90

Overlooked fries with no taste of truffle and not enough salt

Smoked Parma Ham Salad (Balsamic Vinaigrette) $12.90

A salad which took 30 minutes to arrive after our fries. And it’s just salad. The salad was okay but I actually like the parma ham though some might think it’s a little too hard for their liking

Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce $18.90

A very normal tasting plate of pasta

Spicy Seafood Tom Yum Tomato Spaghetti (Singapore Exclusive) $22.90

We actually like the tom yum spaghetti. The taste of tom yum was evident, and balanced by the tangy tomato sauce but it would have been better if they could add more spice to it to elevate the taste more

Matcha w Azuki Honey Beans Toast $19.90

Probably the reason why we are here. And it’s really not bad. There are 3 levels you can choose your toast to be: Soft, Normal or Crispy and we ordered crispy for this. I like how the matcha icecream was thick enough and paired it with the buttered honey toast was just like best combination ever. The azuki beans were soft, chewy and sweet though you may only find a lucky few hidden

Strawberry Honey Lover Toast $18.90

We went for the Strawberry Honey Lover Toast cos it was the first to be featured on their toast menu. This toast is a little different cos it’s one whole cube of thick toast rather than the 4 generation Matcha toast. We went normal for the crispiness of the toast, but generally I think crispy suits the toast more but wells, personal preference. The strawberry icecream was pretty shiok but I thought it was sweet enough without even the need to add the honey. We agreed the 4 generations toast was nicer just cos there was more ‘surprise’ to it than just one whole block of cube

Chocolate Waffle w Baileys Icecream $12.90 (additional $2.50 for icecream)

Just cos it was so tempting, we ordered a waffle to share and we were so full after that. This is the result of being too tamchiak. You can choose the crispiness level for the waffle as well and we went for crispy. I mean it’s weird if your waffles are soft right. The chocolate waffles taste chocolatey and pretty decent though I am sure you can find better waffles elsewhere too

The first time we patronised we waited so long for the food to come, we were so agonized over it. So we learnt a lesson to know what to order beforehand and placed our orders once we were seated. And hey, it really worked. The food came in 15 minutes! I think the food here is generally not worth trying. Just come here for the toast and tea and you will be happy enough

Dazzling Cafe

11 Stamford Road, Capitol Building

Saint Andrew’s Cathedral Capitol Building, S(178884)

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