439. La’Coffee Cafe @ Rangoon Road (Closed)

Another new cafe makes it way to Rangoon road, I think there’s so many I lost count. This place was only few days old when I visited them last weekend and it was still rather empty. I guess word will slowly get around. They had an interesting menu which consists of both traditional and modern breakfast so I wanted to try both. But when the owner told me they currently only serves loti (traditional toast) cos they just opened for business, I thought it was rather anti-climatic.

I like the simple, clean decoration of the cafe

And for the benefit of those who want to know what they serve, or going to serve..

Kopi and Cafe Au Lait

I like the presentation of the Cafe Au Lait but I thought the coffee was a little too light. You can taste the faint taste of the coffee when you first drink it and then it slowly goes away. I guess for those who like coffee with a lighter flavour, you’ll appreciate it

Egg Mayo Loti (Left) and Kaya Loti (Right)

The Kaya was too sweet but the bread itself was good. The owner mentioned they will let their factory know of the sweetness of the Kaya so hopefully it will get better

The Egg Mayo Loti in my opinion was rather normal. I think I might just stick to peanut butter next time

Perfect Half Boil Eggs

I think they did justice to the name. The soft boil eggs were cooked beautifully. It was probably the perfect soft boil eggs one can ask for

I think it’s a new cafe with lots of tuning to do. The concept is good, but I thought it would be nice to be able to try their other food. I guess it’s just disappointing that they didn’t have a full menu ready for people who specially make a trip down. And with so much competition within the same stretch, I guess the only good thing here is the prices are nett.

La’Coffee Cafe

88 Rangoon Road S(218374)

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