taiwan – taipei(taipei 101, jaychou restaurant, wfp, raohe, pasoul)

hello taiwan day 7! it’s so fast! half the trip has already flew past 🙂 but the trip is still filed with excitement nevertheless. so we started the day with looking for breakfast. omg. looking for brekkie at xmd is SO difficult! so we decided to ask the reception and they recommend this place that is a stone throw away from our hotel!

our breakfast set!

so after breakfast we went to visit the famous taipei 101 and we even went up to the 90th floor! whoohoo. lols. but then actually i think there’s nothing special about it. hahaha. well, it’s just high and tall and just 101.

lets go up up up!

the view from the top! (normal right? LOL)

with the 101 dollies. haha actually i dont know what is it called. LOLS

the extent our photographer goes to 🙂 hahaha

the outcome 🙂

time for lunch! we were really v excited to get to the jay chou restaurant! hahaha. okay maybe just me and miss m. well, it’s jay chou! 😀 we didnt have really high expectation for the food actually. but it was surprisingly nice! and of course we took plenty of photos in the restaurant. hehs. we just find it weird that the restaurant is beside a hospital. LOL

familiar? 🙂

ta-da! the first of everything 🙂

mr j!

front and back

the menu

my awesome meal 🙂

with wings

the dessert that comes with the meal!

the interior!

so cute right! hahaha

then we decided to copy the posters in the restaurant and do the poster in our style. HAHAHAH. okay it’s quite funny and comical while everyone in the restaurant was staring at us.

and the waitress was nice enough to lend us their jackets 🙂

scenario one.

scenario 2 (the picture is behind. haha)

scenario three. haha

scenario four.

group pic with the cute waitress! haha

after having lunch, we went to the (very famous) wufenpu to shop. BUT! the clothes from wfp were not our style and it’s pretty expensive too. i dont understand about the hype about getting cheap clothes from there. really dont understand where the cheap deals are from! hahaha. so we really really disappointed and walked over to our next destination, famosa zhang 魯肉飯!

i figure this 魯肉飯 is a little bit too oily and not that 香. i would prefer the hualien one. SO MUCH NICER!

then next to raohe night market! but cos we had such a filling meal from jay’s, we just got ourselves a drink and breezed through the market. partly cos we were pretty tired and wanted to rest. so we went back to the hotel, prep up and get ready for clubbing!

raohe! with lots and super lots of food.


free flow ftw!

and few hours later…

high ttm! hahahah

pasoul is really fun. well firstly cos it’s free flow and you can high all you want. and we got a table! hahahah by befriending ppl. and people in taiwan really dress up to club. not like sg. anyhow shorts slippers also can. lols. clubbing scene there and here really differs cos they have dancers there and well they strip as well! ohmygod. lols. and the guys club not to drink but specially to pick girls up. and, your life shortern by the second cos everyone is smoking inside -.- well, the club there ends later too so you can really have all the fun you have. if you got a chance, visit pasoul! we didnt go luxy cos the locals told us pasoul is better. hahaha. okay thats all for day 7 🙂

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