Maetomo Kaiseki – Simple, Refined Kaiseki at Sheraton Towers

Grabbed the friend to try Kaiseki with me and we went to Maetomo at Sheraton towers for our Christmas meal. And being the first one there while waiting for the friend to arrive, the silence was stressful. Lol. Thankfully the friend appeared eventually. We took the standard course priced $220 that comprised of a 8-course meal



Hokkaido Scallop with Pear and Vinegars Jelly
Appetizer to start. The sweetness of pear filled the entire mouth, followed by a soft and sweet scallops and a salty aftertaste from the jelly, which was really delectable


Signature Clear Soup made with Bonito Flakes, Somen, Winter Turnip, Homemade Fishball, Winter Vegetable
I love a good Japanese clear soup. The soup was light yet you can taste of the sweetness of the bonito flakes. The fishball had a bouncy texture and I really enjoyed the sweetness and crunchiness from the winter vegetables


Wild Puffer Fish from Yamaguchi w Homemade Ponzu
I felt like this is a Japanese delicacy. lol. Abit of a chewy texture, went well with the ponzu sauce


Otoro and Akami


What surprised us was the shoyu jelly hidden at bottom of the sashimi. The otoro was delicious and the whole dish with the cut turnip and wasabi was pretty satisfying


Deep Fried Shirako with Ginkgo Nut and Sweet Potato, Sea salt


Cos in season, and not often do you have Shirako tempura. And you know a good Shirako when you eat one. The shirako was a little bland on its own, but when you eat it with the lime and sea salt, it’s actually quite addictive. The ginkgo nuts and sweet potato balls were worth mentioning too. Simple but essential


A5 Wagyu Sirloin, Taro, Black Truffle, Mochi-like Cake


What attracted us wasn’t the truffle but the shiso pepper that was so aromatic. Everything was good. The beef was well-cooked and tender, the taro was delightful and finishing it off with the mochi-like cake was a good end to the dish


Yellowtail Claypot Rice


Pickles on the side. The friend liked the white one so much we asked for a refill. lol


Never underestimate a good claypot rice. It was so tasty I had 3 bowls of it. The friend and I practically wiped it clean. Enough said


Pear, pearsimon, melon, grape
2 words: very sweet


Milk pudding with strawberry sauce


The milk pudding was light and the sauce went very nicely with it. It was a good end to the meal



We were talking about icecream and that made me craved for some. So I requested for some. The chef recommended the sea salt. Let’s say I was glad we took 1 matcha and 1 sea salt cos the latter reminded me of mouthwash. Lol 

I was glad I grabbed the friend to try Kaiseki cos even though I love my sushi, I’m a little bored of it at times. lol and I felt that the meal at Maetomo was a pretty decent one. The quality and the price-point for a Kaiseki dinner, I thought it was relatively reasonable. Though at the friend at the end of the meal did tell me, lets try the sushi next time

Maetomo Kaiseki & Sushi

39 Scotts Rd, #01-01

Sheraton Towers Hotel

Singapore 228230

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