Travelogue: Bangkok Food Trip – Sarnies, Baan Som Tam, Luka, Peace Oriental Tea House

The friend wanted to try Sarnies Bangkok cos she heard good reviews about them. So we made our way to Chinatown. The cafe is located down an alleyway which I probably won’t expect to find a cafe in there. I must say the cafe gave off lots of feel, in that old rustic charm that would make your photos looked good


Probably the most commonly appeared photo on IG


Even the interior gave a run-down rustic kind of vibe


Flat White ฿100

Just a good cup of coffee – velvety and smooth


Perfect Thyming ฿150

Fresh Pineapple and Orange Juice w Thyme

We both had some Vitamin C to go along, due to overeating. In fact I was still feeling so full from dinner we only shared a plate of breakfast. Lol

I have to say this cup of Vitamin C was pretty effective :p


Pimp My Breakfast

Two Free-Range Eggs ฿50

Sourdough ฿50

Grilled Mushrooms ฿70

Hashbrown (2 pcs) ฿50

Breakfast Sausage ฿150

In all honesty, the breakfast was bad. The hash brown was hard and salty, mushrooms were salty, sausage was salty, egg was below average. The only decent one was the bread. It was like omg, how can breakfast be this disappointing. We were actually thankful we only ordered one portion to share

So the friend gave her feedback to the staff on the hashbrown and they waived off the charge on the hashbrown for us. And me in a joking tone, huh, how about the mushroom, sausage and egg? I think the friend just rolled her eyes at me. Lol. Well I was just being truthful 🙂


So yup, it’s all just for the photos and maybe a decent cup of coffee, but not worth making a trip down specially for it

Sarnies Bangkok

101, 103 Charoen Krung 44 Alley, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

So after our uninspiring breakfast, we decided to take a walk to Warehouse 30 given there was some exhibition on. Unfortunately, we were too early and nothing was opened so we changed plans and grabbed to Icon Siam instead. It’s a huge mall and I reckon it would probably take a few hours if you want to comb through every shop. And at the basement, you could find street snacks (in a much cleaner environment). So if you want to try some Bangkok street snacks but in an air-conditioned environment, I suggest you can try coming here instead


Took a random shot of some nice background. lol


The friend found out there was Mil Toast House and insisted on ordering the bread even though we were going to have lunch in an hour (Yes, having bread from a Korean brand in Bangkok lol). So we were in there for quite some time since the bread had to be freshly made





Ham & Corn ฿295

The said bread. The friend took one bite of it but realized the fillings were cold. So the staff kindly re-did the order for us which resulted in us waiting some more. I’m not sure how the bread tasted since she didn’t have the chance to try it the second time and we didn’t manage to try it the entire trip (even though she dabao-ed back to hotel)


Banana Milk ฿130

Which resulted in the friend’s upset stomach *shakes head*


We took a cab our way to lunch at Baan Som Tum cos the friend wanted to dine here which we had a very tough journey there due to language breakdown. But we were glad we made it there. This place was recommended by a local, known for serving affordable Thai cuisine and they have a few outlets in Bangkok


They made the somtam fresh for you


Iced Longan

I was disappointed they don’t sell Thai Iced Milk Tea. Whyyy? 😦


Thai Papaya Salad ฿85

Omg this papaya salad really had enough kick. If you were eating this non-stop, your nose would probably start running. Lol. It’s appetizing and I love all the Thai herbs in it, but I would suggest to eat this moderately


Grilled Pork (Blade Shoulder) ฿135


Very tender pork slices and nicely seasoned too. I’m not a pork person but I thought this was rather decent and not too oily


Deep Fried Chicken Wings ฿115

Really good. Must order


Tom Yum Kung ฿145

Cos what’s Thai cuisine without Tomyum soup right? I thought the tomyum soup was just okay. You can give this a miss


The friend secretly wanted to order more stuffs but knew I would scold her (cos we gave up on our meal halfway) so thankfully we were sensible (or more like I was sensible). And the agenda for the day was to eat light to save stomach space for dinner. I thought the prices here were really reasonable and it’s not your usual Thai cuisine. There were lots of locals dining there when we visited so I guessed it must be a popular place. And since they have a few outlets, so feel free to give them a try

Baan Som Tam

9 Pramuan Rd, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


We decided to walk off a bit, so we went to hunt for the friend’s Pacamara coffee beans before heading to FIX coffee for our usual two cups per day. And we jokingly said we could finally sit down, chill and have a cup of coffee (cos we were just rushing throughout the trip)




Latte ฿100

The friend had her latte. She said it’s not bad. So I guess it should be decent. I skipped my coffee and went for the matcha latte. Not the best I would say. You would be better off trying other stuffs

F.I.X Sala Daeng

1, 3 Sala Daeng 1 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand


We went back to hotel to chill. More like she chilled while I went for a swim cos I really need to digest all the food that went into my stomach.


And so some snaps for the day since the pool was pretty empty

And then it’s time for dinner. We excitedly made our way to Potong which was our choice of restaurant that evening. You can read about it here




While pictures here in brief summary

Let’s just say we were so full we wanted to roll out of the door. Lol. We didn’t go anywhere after dinner cos the friend wasn’t feeling great and so it was an early end to the night!


We started our day with massage, this time round with Asiaherb cos the friend really liked this place. We took the earliest slot so we could maximize our time on our last day


It feels like a very atas kind of massage place


So after you decided what massage you want, they gave you a menu to select the tea for post-massage


Also, some welcome tea before you start your massage


We went for the Thai massage and herbal compress ball (90 mins ฿1300). The Thai massage was good. I felt like a chicken with its wings tucked and pulled all over.  But I felt that the herbal compress ball was a little too hot for me and at some point, the room started turning cooler and cooler that my nose started running. Many of my friends actually recommended this place, but I don’t find it exactly cheap. You can google for their menu on their website


I’m just glad to have some hot tea at the end of the massage

Asia Herb Association

598-600 Sukhumvit Rd, Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok


Brunch  was at Luka. Decided on the Siri house outlet cos the other one felt a little too out of the way. It’s a rather small place, or more like their indoor seats definitely felt more limited. So if you are thinking of dining here, better to reserve via Chope



We were so captivated by their bakes we wanted to order some to try. But seeing how we had plans after this, we controlled ourselves



They do have an outdoor area for those who prefer the sunshine and air, but probably not in this sweltering heat


They also share a space with Quince & Jacqueline which looks very nice from the inside


Flat White ฿120 Kombucha (Lychee) ฿140

The beans here are dark roasted and you can taste it evidently in the coffee. I find it abit too strong for me but if you like it this way, you would probably enjoy it


The Fairfax Egg Sandwich ฿320

Scrambled Organic Eggs, Conkey’s Brioche Bun, Caramelised Onion & Cheddar

Decent egg sandwich with a pretty yummy scrambled egg and a really soft bread. Love how the sweetness of the caramelised onions come through with the egg


Siri House Shakshuka ฿390

Spiced Tomato Stew, Baked Eggs, Smoked Eggplant & Herbs

Robust tomato base, but I felt it was a bit too boring with just the eggplant. The friend and I both said it would be better with mushrooms added


Would I come here again? Nope. I mean the breakfast was okay, but I felt it wasn’t wow and I didn’t like the coffee

Luka (Siri House)

14/2 Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


We made our way to Peace Oriental tea house after brunch cos we wanted to try their green tea. Located at Sindhorn Village, this area houses a lot of different restaurants and it’s a rather interesting place, Would probably come here to explore the next time




Pineapple Cake / Taro Bing ฿95


Mocheezu ฿385

Jujube / Yuzu

We ordered some snacks to go along with our drinks just because we needed something to munch. And I must say these snacks were pretty good! I specially like the mocheezu which was a combination of mochi w cheese inside. The caramelised texture, soft mochi and sweet and salty filling was delicious


Watching the staff at work while we waited patiently. There were lots of delivery orders too


Matcha Honey

We took a long time to decide. The friend ordered their seasonal special which was a little too sweet for me


Perfectionist Pastel Matcha ฿225

A special blend of 3 strains of tea plants


While I went for their premium matcha, which was so thick that I got a shock. If I had thought the coffee I had earlier was strong, this was on another level. In the end I requested for ice to dilute my matcha. Lol

We grabbed back to hotel to checkout, headed to airport and traffic was so smooth that we had so much time on hand. So after clearing customs, we shopped for abit before finding a place for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much options and so we settled at this pop-up place that serves Thai bento


Well, beggars cannot be choosers right

It’s not bad but it wasn’t a satisfying dinner. So I reckon you would probably have more food options at the public area


And soon we boarded and ready for take off


Which the weather suddenly turned for the worse. It looked as if the clouds were ready to devour our plane and it certainly looked like it when we disappeared

But anyways, the flight back was uneventful and we spent the whole 2.5 hours chatting. We soon found ourselves back in Singapore with so many people at the immigration area. Omg, where did all the people come from? The shelves at duty free were also empty too. I guess travelling is really back for everyone

With that, thanks for staying with me. You made it to the end of the article! I can’t wait for my next holiday 🙂

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