Marina Bay Sands – Sandsational Staycation

It was the day of MBS staycay. I’ve always wanted to try this hotel but definitely more so of its infinity pool. Everyone knows that you need to be a hotel guest in order to use the pool. And so I decided to bite the bullet and enjoy my break here. We scheduled for an early arrival and could select our registration time slot online. You could also submit your health declaration prior to arrival and as such saving much time at the check-in counter. Our 3D2N stay was scheduled on a weekday and when I saw the amount of people waiting to check-in, I was feeling a little shocked and surprised. SO. MANY. PEOPLE


Feels like everyone just decided to use a break here. And as my innerself was just wondering, I received a call at the moment saying my room was ready and 5 minutes later, a staff from Premium Services appeared and led me to the room for check-in. YAY


The hotel was clearly in the mood for Christmas already


The hotel is very strict on guests going in/coming out. You need to tell them your room number and the registered guests that are staying in the room whenever you enter


MBS has 3 towers. Our room was located at Tower 2 and here’s our Garden view on the 46th floor

It was a hilarious moment when the staff opened the door and went, here’s your Garden View and we could only see the sea. I was like where’s my garden? The friend said you got a forest, I mean, garden view when you booked the sea view at Capella. Now you got a sea view when you booked the garden. I definitely preferred underpromised and overdelivered


The really big room. There are so many mirrors everywhere I feel like I could do a dance practice here. lol


And the equally big bathroom area



Free treats from MBS 🙂


I really like the mirror outside the bathroom cos it was a good place for OOTD outfits. lol


After check-in was done, we went down to the kiosk to redeem our vouchers that were part of the Sandsational package where we chose one Scent Creation experience and another $70 dining credits for dinner on the next day

And soon it was time for our pool visit. Since MBS is all about the pool, it isn’t considered a MBS stay without a visit. Each room is entitled to 1hr 15 min time slot per day and so we booked for all days at different timings


Very empty at 1.05pm. I was surprised but I guessed the weather was too cloudy for people to visit?

MBS has 3 pools to use. And guests can only choose one. I think pool 2 in the middle is the best


Cloudy weathers aren’t great for good pool shots. And the water was damn cold cos it was so windy out there. So my advice is go use the jacuzzi (facing the gardens). The warm water at the jacuzzi was damn shiok. Anyway, we didn’t stay for very long cos we wanted to go for high tea


And so we popped down to Club 55 located on level 55 (duh) for our free refreshments. We were there so often the staffs could actually remember my last name. lol. Well, I would love to think it was an act of personalized touch :/



It’s quite a huge area. And it was also the place to go for our breakfast and evening drinks & canapés


The high tea selection comes in a set. You can order one whole set or order ala carte. So we went for one set each. You can find the usual selection of coffee and tea available as well, of if you prefer fresh juices and soft drinks. They are also available for order


Gourmet Sandwich Selection: Magret Duck Confit, Toasted Baguette Roma Tomato, Burrata Basil Pesto, Focaccia

Warm Savory of the Day: Sausage Roll

Cakes & Desserts: Japanese Mochi, Sesame Cake, Eclair, Kueh Sago Lapis

Scone of the Day: Raisin

Cookie of the Day: Double Chocolate

Seasonal Fruit Platter


I was quite impressed with the food. The quality was decent. I love the duck confit and the kueh sago lapis. The scone was a little dry in my opinion and I didn’t like the focaccia but overall, it was not bad. So if you are still hungry, you can still order some more. But it was too much for me already


We decided to make our way to Virtual Realms exhibition at Art Science museum cos there ain’t that much activities to do and there was a discount for visiting


It’s quite an interactive exhibit but a visit once would be enough cos the exhibit was quite small lah


I decided to pretend I was boxed up in the frame


Went up to the Sands Skypark next cos it’s free for hotel guests


Unfortunately, cloudy weather meant less than ideal view. So it was pretty meh. Why would anyone pay to come up here bewildered me. I mean, there’s also the flyer. But I guess maybe different vantage point?


This space is such a good location to waste. I could imagine filming here. lol


Spotted lazy KAWS enjoying its day from the 57th floor. It was also the day it was in the news and hence the temporary closure


We popped back down to Club 55 for our evening drinks & canapés even though I could still feel the remains of high tea in my stomach. And the first line they went was – Would you like some Champagne to start?


No. I went with cocktail of the day. The Bacardi based with Champagne cocktail was awesome. I had more than one. Ha


And I grabbed a glass of Moscato as well


Antipasto Plate: Jumbo Topshell, Marinated Olives, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Truffle Mushroom Cream

Breads & Cheese: Country Bread Rolls, Artisanal Cheese

Cold Canapés: Lychee Crabmeat w Citrus Gel Tobiko, Vine Tomato w Avocado Riesling Agar & Olive Oil Caviar

Hot Canapés: Sakura Chicken Florentine w Mushroom Ragout & Shallot Jus, Lemongrass Satay Prawn, Baked Fish Collar w Shoyu Ponzu, Trio Sweet Potato Almond Tart w Marshmallow & Sea Salt 

Dessert: Ang Ku Kueh, Gula Melaka Egg Tart, Pandan Chiffon 


This time round, we were smarter. We got one set to share. The evening canapés were even more surprising. Love the satay prawn, chicken, baked fish collar, crabmeat and top shell. This, coming from someone that was not even hungry


And the check-in manager told us to catch the lightshow that happened every night at 7.45pm. I didn’t know that. They were playing Phantom of the Opera while the lights were dancing away. And yes, we could hear them from the balcony


It’s rise & shine Day 2 and we made our way to Club 55 for breakfast


In photos: Chef’s Noodle of The Day, Dim Sum Set

The dim sum was meh but the char siew bao was decent

Processed with Focos

Chef’s Noodle of the Day comes in the form of Prawn Mee. And this is hands-down one of the best prawn noodles I’ve eaten. The thick and flavourful broth with huge fresh prawns and roasted pork belly. Just imagine


Omelette with Tomato & Mushroom and Sausages as a side


Belgian Waffle with Maple Syrup  & Berry Compote

Didn’t like it


And it’s out to the gardens!

I got the Orient Express combo which covers the Orient Express exhibition, Floral Fantasy and both the Cloud Forest & Flower Dome


But we were faced with an unexpected situation cos the staffs couldn’t open the door to the exhibit (lol) and they didn’t even bother to un-barricade the entrance so everyone was wondering if the exhibit was even opened to public


15 minutes later, AIRCON!


I’m kidding. I mean, the Orient Express


There was only one other family around so you could take photos to your pleasure


And I pretended I was a passenger



You can smell the stale and dusty environment when you got on the carriage. I’m not sure if it’s part of the experience but it did make the whole thing feel very old




And the larger exhibits on the ground so that you could see how it was in the past. To be honest, I thought the furnishing was very grand


Walked back to the Bayfront Plaza for Floral Fantasy which thankfully was just 3 minutes walk away. The sun that day was merciless 


And it is very pretty in there





Definitely a great place for photos and get married


I’m so glad my tickets came with complimentary shuttle service so we don’t have to walk under the sweltering heat to the conservatory


A picture at the iconic cloud forest!


It was a hot hot day. You need to book a time slot for all but in my opinion, an hour at each place is more than enough

We decided to skip the Flower Dome cos we’ve visited many times so we made our way back to Shoppes at MBS for our scent creation experience with Maison 21G



First, you choose the notes. The lady recommended that I go with bottom and heart notes instead of 3. I had a hard time picking the combination but in the end I went with Tuberose and Sandalwood


Then you choose your proportion. To determine if you want it more sweet or more woody


Lastly, free engraving service for that personalised touch!



All done!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

And here’s mine 🙂 Good size to pack for travel 🙂

We went back to Club 55 for high tea cos the mum was hungry and I just wanted an iced latte


Gourmet Sandwich: Classic Chicken Floss, Butter Soft Bun, Truffle Egg Croissant

Warm Savoury of the Day: Potato Curry Puff

Cakes & Dessert: Earl Grey Caramel Swiss Cake, Durian Puff, Raspberry Yoghurt Cake, Hoon Kueh Jagung

Scone of the Day: Raisin

Cookie of the Day: Hazelnut Lemon

Fruit Platter

Unfortunately, the high tea that day wasn’t that tasty. It was hmm average I think


Soon it was time for our pool slot and given the weather was great that day, there were so many people at the pool. But it also meant your photos would be nicer 😀

It’s all about the pool


Catching the sunset before heading to Club 55 for our evening drinks & canapés 


Cocktail of the Day: Rum-based with Mango

Really good


Scottish King Salmon w Apple Slaw & Trout Rice, Jumbo Topshell

D0FFE67D-2B76-4EAE-B95E-BD2F990F374E_1_105_cPotato & Cod Croquettes w Tobiko Aioli

We decided to go ala carte this time cos we had a dinner scheduled later in the evening so we wanted to save stomach space


But we couldn’t resist another portion of the potato & cod cos it was so good. And we added on the Mushroom Parcel Truffle w Porcini Soil. So much for saving stomach space


Such beautiful skyline 🙂


Dinner was at DB Bistro cos we wanted to utilise the $70 dining credits. The place was surprisingly crowded


Complimentary Cheese Bread

So airy and so fluffy


And complimentary bread basket which wasn’t very nice


Seasonal Oysters $40

The selection of US and Irish oysters were good. Worth the order


Broccolini $14


New England Lobster Roll $48

Lobster & Avocado on Buttered Roll


The lobster roll was well, average. It wasn’t that memorable in my opinion. I thought the fries were better

And that was so much we could eat cos we ate too much at Club 55. lol


And so we decided to walk it off a little by making our way to The Float @ Marina Bay where the exhibit was reopened to public again. I don’t quite get this. This was by no way cute to me, but I guessed everyone’s definition of cute is different


Rise & Shine comes in the form of rising at 6am for our pool slot. I say the colours at that time really looked the best


Even though the wind was so cold I was shivering half the time. The temperature of water at the pool was regulated but I guessed the wind overpowered it. lol


Okay one last shot before saying goodbye!


Fried Eggs,

Congee served with Braised Peanut, Deep-Fried Shallot, Spring Onion, Pickled Lettuce with Shredded Chicken & Salted Egg, 

Japanese Set consisting of Shoyu Glazed Salmon w Pickled Vegetables, Tamago, Edamame, Furikake, Bonito Flakes & Miso Soup

Chef’s Noodle of the Day: Yong Tau Foo

The Chef’s noodle of the day is really good. You need to give it a try. Skip the congee, it’s really bland. This was even after requesting for additional soya sauce. I thought the Japanese don was quite decent too


Breakfast with a view 🙂

And then we just lazed in the room till check out


I decided to use the checkout counter near Tower 3 cos I figured it would have lesser people and yes I was right. So check-out was done quite promptly before we made our way to Blossoms for lunch



They gave us a huge table for 2 pax. I was amused. Maybe they saw that we had so many things to carry


This complimentary salted egg chips was really addictive


Steamed Siew Mai w Crab Roe $6.80


Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling $6.80


Golden Pear stuffed with Minced Pork Dried Shrimps $5.80


Crispy Egg Tarts $5

The dim sum was disappointing. It was pretty meh. Skip the dim sum in my opinion 


Peking Duck $45 (half)

But the duck was good. And the duck in braised noodles was even better

I guessed you could just order from their ala carte menu if you wished to have a decent meal there

And that’s the end of my short holiday. I thought the stay at MBS was quite nice and enjoyable, though it also came with a price. But you need to find activities to do else you would be so bored at the hotel. Would I return? Well, I don’t mind but I hope this would be the last of my staycation with VTLs now opened. lol

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  1. Cecilio Mananquil says:

    awesome! weve checked in at MBS last 2019 at the rate I see lately , it is even more inviting to go for the second time around if given a chance. More power and thank you.


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