Sober Company – 3-In-1 Concept Worth A Return

There wasn’t much reviews when I googled about this place, but I thought the concept was interesting. So I decided to make my way down for early dinner given they don’t take reservations for small party group. Sober Company is a 3-In-1 concept, split into Sober Cafe, Sober Kitchen and Sober Society. Heard that there’s a hidden 4th concept, but of course you need to be a regular often to have access to it. So since I’m just gonna be there for one night, I shall just focus on Sober Kitchen which opens at 5pm daily.  There’s a full bar in sight when you enter the place and if you are too early you can order a drink from there while wait for the restaurant to be opened



We were brought up shortly to the second level where dinner is to be served and the interior was pretty intriguing


Love the contrast of the interior, which reminds me of mid-west influences


But yet the table setting has every bits of Chinese elements



And of course cocktails to start, which were pretty spectacular in their own way

We skipped the set menu and went ala carte instead cos they were pretty much more interesting


Quail Yuba Chips 58

Quail eggs wrapped in black sesame paste with Abalone Bits on top of Fried Fermented Bean Curd skin. Love the milky texture of the black sesame with the surprise of the quail egg in it. The abalone bits seem a little underwhelming but ending off with a crackling bean curd skin was a nice touch


Smoking Cauliflower Pot 58

Mochi, Fried Garlic, Black Scallion


Smoked with Applewood, the dish has a nice smokey taste to it. With the addition of garlic for that added fragrance, the cauliflower paste was wrapped with black scallion and deep fried to give a crispy texture. It’s an interesting dish and probably not one that I see often


Wah Wah Cabbage 68

Baby Cabbage, Chao Zhou Salty Lemon

Probably the dish I was least impressed with. It tasted every bit like cabbage in a sweet broth with bits of lemon juice on its leafy parts


Pina Colada Sour Pork with Lotus Root, Pineapple & Basil Chips 128

I really did enjoy their version of sweet & sour pork though it tends to get a little overwhelming after having so many pieces of it. What I like was the addition of lotus roots to complement the deep fried pork and the basil chips to tone down the otherwise sweet, thick and flavourful seasoning


Uni & Caviar Ban Mian with Spicy Cod Roe in Tonkotsu Soup 178


This dish stands out to me in every way. The noodles were cooked right, the cod roe and caviar to give it a whim of saltiness, the uni to give it a sweet lingering taste and the broth, it’s everything about the broth


Almond Tofu 58

Strawberry Soup, Chilli Oil


Banana Icecream 48

Hazelnut, Huangjiu Raisins

 I felt like the desserts were disappointing. It was okay, nothing to rave about and probably worth skipping


We enjoyed our meal here very much and I was pretty impressed with the food here. I felt that lots of thoughts and effort were put into each dish and the execution of the dish was good as well. It’s probably a place I would recommend anytime for modern Chinese food with a touch of difference

Sober Company

99 Yandang Lu, near Nanchang Lu

雁荡路99号, 近南昌路

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