328. Sushi Sho, Tokyo

Just cos the friend kept raving about how good it is, I decided to book myself a seating there. The place doesn’t look like a sushi restaurant. If you didn’t know how the exterior looks like, you could just easily walk past without realising. I was a little overwhelmed by the place when I entered. I just didn’t know what to do so I just stood at the door. “Iris-san?” A lady asked and smiled, and then my dinner started.

I was seated at the centre (prime location haha) where I was served by the head chef, as well as the very cute chef and just on my right, 2 Singaporeans and the rest, all Japanese.  11 seats, how coveted they are. They only have one menu for dinner – Omakase. Honestly, I can’t remember the name of what I ate, but every piece of sushi was just pure delight. So enjoy the pictures!

After this plate, I had already deemed this place my best meal ever

Chef explaining to the customers the various fishes used

The very cute chef. He made sure everything is okay for me and will always check if I had finished eating

I could barely contain my excitement


Chawanmushi with uni, abalone and sushi roe

Sakura ice cream

Apple Sorbet

This place is just amazing. Every piece that goes in my mind generates the same thought. How can everything be so damn good? The rice was warm and vinegared just right. Sashimi was sweet and fresh. The amount of wasabi was appropriate and not too overpowering. The cooked food was done and executed really well. Even the sake was spectacular. It was a meal I could never forget. I can really feel the effort and thought just by eating. You never know sushi, until you eat from the very best. And you can bet I will be back when I’m in Tokyo. The only downside was my neighbours who were being such an embarrassment I decided to speak in Japanese the whole time.

Dinner: ¥22,500. It was worth every cent.

Sushi Sho

Japan, 〒160-0004 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Yotsuya, 1−11, 陽臨堂ビル1F

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