Jyu Gae – Taiwanese Bistro at Bras Basah with Live Band

I came across this place on social media and decided to drag the friend along to check out the place. Thankfully we were still able to make a booking before this place went viral. And we were lucky enough to be seated indoors with a great view of the stage cos the live band happens every day at 8pm


It was pretty crowded but they also accept walk-ins if you were unable to get a reservation online


And that’s the stage for the band


Taiwan Tea Martini $18

Soju Milkis Bomb $18

Started with some drinks cos we thought it sounded interesting. The soju milkis bomb was definitely better than the martini. The martini has no tea taste and it tasted a little.. weird. lol


Crispy Deep Fried Enoki Mushrooms $9.90

The friend wanted sweet potato fries and I was doubtful if we could even finish it (cos we had alot more food coming). So we decided to order the mushrooms in the end. I liked the mushrooms. They were quite addictive and went well with alcohol


Taiwanese Tuna Mayo Egg Crepe $8.90


Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodle Soup $14.90

We went with the beef noodles for the mains and I had to say it was the best decision. The broth was herbal and hearty alongside the springy noodles and tender pieces of beef, it was a very satisfying bowl of beef noodles #noregrets


And then came the 蛋饼. I had not-so-great 蛋饼 before elsewhere so I didn’t have high hopes for this. But wow, I must say these were really worth the order. The crepes were a little on the crispier side (like roti prata kind) but they were really good. I also tried the Ham & Cheese version but I definitely preferred the tuna mayo. And they were so filling. We didn’t even manage to finish them cos we we wanted to save our stomach for the yakitori


Taiwanese Sausage $4.90

Sooting Ball $3.90

Cheese Tofu $2.90

The said yakitori that were only available after 930pm. We had a very long dinner cos we specially waited for the kitchen to start. Lets just say it’s not worth the wait. The sticks were overwhelming salty, so much I wished we never ordered them

So I was telling the Taiwanese colleague about this place and decided to bring her here cos she never had her fill in Taiwan, and so came the second visit within the week. lol


Jyu Gae Signature 3 Bowls Set Meal $16.90

Braised Pork Rice, Oyster Mee Sua, Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken


We had something different this time round

I liked the braised pork rice and mee sua. The mee sua really got Taiwanese standard. The colleague approves. lol. But the braised pork was a little strong on flavour though overall still pretty delicious


I didn’t realise I can choose the flavour of the popcorn chicken (normal / mala / spicy) cos I clearly didn’t read and was confused when the option came up on the ordering page. I went with normal, and it was really very normal. lol. Suggest you gave the order 2 flavours a try instead


Braised Pork Intestine $10.90


I love pork intestines, especially so when braised. The pork intestines were tender and delicious and this was definitely good to go with a bowl of white rice

We didn’t have room for desserts (cos we were eyeing them) and I guessed that warrants a third visit? lol

I find the food and prices were pretty reasonable though the colleague mentioned it’s 1/3 the price in Taiwan and I laughed. But quality-wise, the items were generally delicious (and yes the Taiwanese approves). It makes a good spot for lunch or dinner to unwind, and especially so if you have a birthday to celebrate cos we heard 3x happy birthday being sung while we were there

Jyu Gae Bistro

51 Bras Basah Rd, #01-08

Lazada One

Singapore 189554

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