Le Matin Patisserie – For Pastries & More Pastries at Ion Orchard

We decided to check out the famous Le Matin at Ion Orchard after lunch cos there’s always space for desserts. The queue was long and we were told we needed to wait for abit. And on top of that, we were informed some of the pastries were not available already. Despite that, we decided to bite the bullet and check out what’s the hype about


The seating space wasn’t big so I guessed it would really get crowded at times


Roasted Hay & Pecan Tart $9

Pecan & Almond Tart base, Pecan Fragipane mixed w Hay Butter, Topped with Butter Pecans Glazed with Maple Coffee

Starting with the pecan tart, it wasn’t memorable. Like it was okay, though I probably wouldn’t order it again


Goat’s Milk Tres Leches $14

Buttermilk Sponges soaked in Goat’s Milk, Dulce de leche mousse, Passionfruit and Olive Oil curd

The friends enjoyed the goat’s milk dessert but I wasn’t a fan of milk, so I had a slice and moved on to the next piece


Pain Au Chocolat $7.50

Sourdough-based Chocolate Croissant, Luscious Dark Chocolate

I thought the croissant was good. The chocolate was very gao and it just filled your entire mouth with the chocolatey goodness. Fans of Pain Au Chocolat would probably enjoy this


Wagyu & Bone Marrow Sausage Roll $16

Wagyu Mince w Brown Butter Celeriac & Walnuts, Black Garlic Glaze, Thyme Sprigs, Smoked Bone Marrow

Crowd’s favourite. You could taste the bone marrow and the delicious wagyu mince with crisp pastry layer. Though we all agreed it might get too much after awhile


Pineapple Galette Des Rois $24

Puff Pastry, Pineapple Jam, Almond Frangipane

Most disappointing pastry of the lot. It was puff pastry and pineapple jam and that’s that. There wasn’t any element of surprise or wow factor


Mocha $7

I actually liked the mocha and thought it was the best item out of all we had. It also arrived the last on the table, very strangely

I’m not sure if it was because of the items we ordered or perhaps they had better food in their brunch menu or desserts. The experience was definitely underwhelming and it felt a little overhyped overall. Perhaps one day I might give their brunch menu a try but for now, moving on to the next cafe/restaurant

Le Matin

2 Orchard Turn, B2-49


Singapore 238801

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