The Butcher’s Wife – One of The Better Chargrilled Octopus I’ve Had

The friend wanted to try The Butcher’s Wife for her birthday so we gladly obliged. I had heard from my friend they served pretty good food there so I was anticipating the meal to come. Located at Tiong Bahru area, it was a rainy rainy day when we visited but that didn’t stop people from visiting the place for lunch. It was a full house


The friends were famished. Like everyone who reached said they were very hungry so that could only mean we over-ordered once again


Collab Bread Basket $14

Herb Focaccia, Pita Bread by The Whole Kitchen, Walnut Bread by Oh My Goodness!

Starting with a bread basket to curb the hunger pangs, the bread was decent and especially more so when served warm


Dadinhos $12

Sago & Cheese Cubes, Spicy Gula Melaka Dip

The server was highly recommending these cheese cubes. But to be honest, it was underwhelming. Wouldn’t order this again


Cassava Fries $12

Kimchi Tartar Sauce

We had 2 basket of these cos the server told us it wouldn’t be enough. The fries weren’t quite what we were expecting. Well, lets just say it didn’t wow


The Wife’s Croquetas $14

Crispy & Creamy Croquetas, Fermented Cashew-Chilli Sauce

The croquetas were nubbad. Love the creamy filling inside with a nice crisp outer texture. It was probably one of the better starters


Portobello $20

Confit Portobello, Sweet potato Puree, Ricotta, Pickled Shimeji, Chermoula Sauce

Well, tasted like mushroom. But loved the sweet potato puree!


Chargrilled Spanish Octopus $37

Tapioca Puree, House-made White Kimchi

The octopus was such a show stopper we ordered a second plate. It was that good. Probably one of the better grilled Spanish octopus I had


Chargrilled Wagyu Picanha $49

200g Australian Wagyu, Burnt Ladies’ Fingers & Heirloom Tomato Salsa


The beef was decent, so much we went for a second plate too cos it was just not enough to go around. lol


Seafood Moqueca $38

Brazilian Seafood Stew made w Bell Peppers, Coconut Milk, Toasted Banana Farofa

I actually enjoyed the stew. It was hearty, full of seafood freshness and you could taste the vegetables in it. It was delicious, especially more so with the garlic rice

Chicken Thigh Dosa $28

Fermented Chayote, Cashew-Cultured Cream

We were still hungry. So we ordered the dosa. When we took a bite of it, the friends asked – why didn’t we order this in the first place? Ha. You could taste the grilled texture of the wrap and a generous portion of chicken thigh filling so much that after we finished the dosa, we were officially full from lunch

Pandan & Coconut Milk Punch $22

White rum, Dom Benedictine, Pandan, Lemongrass, Coconut milk

And then ending with a cocktail cos it started with the friend trying and everyone thought it was good enough to order one for themselves as well

The mains were definitely better than the starters. Personally, I wouldn’t specially go down for it. But if I live in the area, I wouldn’t mind returning. I thought the flavours were interesting though they could do more with the menu

The Butcher’s Wife

19 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168650

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