Travelogue: Bangkok – Eating Our Way Through 48 hours

Finally coming back on the last part of my Thailand trip. I know, it’s overdue. lol. But better late than never. We hired a van through KKday to take us back to Bangkok from Hyatt Hua Hin and that marked a long 3.5 hours ride back to the city. There was some commotion at the lobby when the driver arrived as there were a few groups of tourists who were also waiting for their driver and it turned out the driver was ours 🙂


I have to say, this felt more like a party van than anything


We stayed at Sindhorn Midtown for our last leg cos they had a 2 bedroom apartment which on hindsight, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not. lol. Check-in took quite awhile even though we had already arrived past official check-in time which I was quite annoyed cos I was hungry and I just wanted to drop the bags off and find food


Anyway, room tour – starting with the kitchen


Common living space


which surprise! I didn’t know I had a honeymoon I’m celebrating that I wasn’t aware of


Minibar area


Bedroom 1


and bedroom 2, which was bigger


With the bathroom included


After a quick tour around the apartment, we left for late lunch/early dinner The plan was as such so that we could go bar hopping that evening for a Christmas countdown. So we proceeded to Central World for Kub Kao Kub Pla which I wanted to give it a try


Considering it was 4pm, it was very crowded. I mean, did everyone decide not to eat at regular hours too?


Anyway drinks to start

The food took quite awhile to come possibly cos of the crowd


Stir Fry Cabbage w Fish Sauce

It was pretty salty with the fish sauce. I thought they were a little bit too generous with the sauce


Fried Chicken w Pandan Leaves

I liked the pandan chicken. The meat was compact, tender and had a delicious flavour to it


Stir Fried Squid w Salted Egg Sauce

The squid was not bad and the salted egg sauce wasn’t overpowering. This would go well with a bowl of white rice


Pad Thai w Prawns

A little on the sweeter side, I liked the consistency and cook on the noodles. It was actually pretty tasty


Thai Southern Style Sour Soup w Bamboo Shoot & Sea Bass served in Hot Pot

To be honest, this wasn’t really what I was expecting. It was very very spicy and overall, it failed to impress


Coconut Icecream w Grass Jelly

I’m glad to end with a cooling and refreshing coconut icecream

Overall, this place felt like Thai Express to me, like serving your better than average Thai dishes at convenient locations. So like you are venturing at shopping malls and want to eat some Thai food, well, this restaurant is everywhere

We shopped for abit at the malls but the parents were more interested in street shopping so we walked outside and venture across the street


Though I had to say nothing really much caught my eye

I abandoned the bar hopping plan cos time was abit tight and we decided to grab 2 bottles at a wine shop near our hotel instead



So countdown was at the comfort of our hotel though honestly I would prefer to be outside 😦

I woke up to noise and chatter in the room the next morning cos the dad was really excited for breakfast


Because he got to enjoy his hotel buffet breakfast :/


Live station which served Waffles, Pancakes & French Toasts


Pasties and Bread


Hot food for International Cuisine


The Breakfast Essentials


Egg Station

What’s breakfast without eggs?


I got a bowl of their noodles of the day from their Noodle Station and I had to say – this bowl of pork noodles was delicious


I am very selective with breakfast. lol

The Thai iced milk tea was disappointing 😦 I could find better ones in Singapore. The table next to me was attracted by my milk tea and decided to get one for themselves. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint

The breakfast here was pretty good though you would probably get sick of it after a couple of days. I had a feeling the dad was very satisfied with his breakfast


Dropped by Y’est Works Coffee Bar after that cos it was located near our massage place and I wanted to squeeze in a cup of morning coffee




Iced latte

We waited so long for the coffee cos the crowd decided to all come in at the same time and there was only one guy at that point. And they missed my order 😦 Meh. So we had to gulp down the coffee cos we had a schedule to go to


Thankfully it just was across the road. I decided to give Thann Massage a try this time round since it was one of the massage places that were recommended online


They were more well known for their aromatherapy, so we got to pick 1/5 massage oil


We started with a foot bath


And were brought up to our treatment room shortly after

The massage was actually pretty good and it did make me feel pretty relaxed afterwards. I liked that it didn’t leave the you feeling of being too greasy so it was enjoyable


Post-massage snacks


The shop was huge and had a selection of retail products on the ground floor, who those interested to pick something up

The plan was to head to Ari neighbourhood after that cos it’s apparently quite a hipster neighbourhood known for cafes


But then I realised it’s not exactly what I imagined so we decided to hunt for lunch instead


and so we ended up at Thong Smith Ari, a boat noodle specialty shop


Iced cold drink for a hot hot day

There wasn’t much crowd even though it was lunch time so the food came pretty quick as well


The dad and I got the beef while the mum had the chicken slices which she claimed was delicious too. We also ordered extra portion of pork balls and pork liver. The liver was really good


Sliced Wagyu Beef

You can customise the spiciness in your broth and I went for medium. Ooh, I really loved the soup. It was earthy, full of flavour and you could taste the delicious herbs in it. So addictive you could easily finish the entire thing. The wagyu beef slices were tender and delicious too. I was satisfied with my lunch


Braised Shank, Beef Slices & Beef Balls

The dad went for the combination with the spiciest level. Well, he mentioned it was pretty spicy (lol) but he still managed to finish the entire thing. So I guessed, it must be pretty tasty too


We ended up at Aribica afterwards for our daily coffee fix


The coffee was really strong and on the bitter side. Their beans were probably dark roasted, which I’m not exactly a fan of

We had lots of free time on hand so I escaped up to the rooftop pool for some me-time


The water was way too cold for a long swim. I was just simply shivering in the water so I gave up after while and decided to enjoy the view instead


We went down to the whisky bar which was located in the hotel for some pre-dinner drinks


It actually looked pretty nice. Seats were limited for such a big place but thankfully we weren’t there for a long while


They had some welcome drink for hotel guests and I must say, it tasted horrible

I wanted to wash my palate off so I ordered one of their signature cocktails

Sad to say, it wasn’t great either. Meh. It was honestly quite disappointing

We decided to order grab earlier since Bangkok is known for terrible traffic. We didn’t want to be late for dinner


In the end, we were so early so we decided to hang out at Gump’s Ari to kill time7BDD9746-F4BC-49A0-9F5C-D0CCB85CC8D3_1_105_c

Before proceeding to Flat Marble for dinner, which was apparently a Singaporean’s place. Like 50% of the diners were Singaporeans. The friend told me when she visited, 100% were Singaporeans. lol


Well, this place was quite known for their beef selection. And they took out all their beef for us to select. I had to choose the smallest since they all looked like a giant slab to me. Like I seriously doubt we would be able to finish them


Uni on Toast (Special)

Because this looked too attractive to reject, I ordered a portion as well. But sadly, the uni wasn’t of top quality and you know when you eat them. The Singaporeans beside us saw what we ordered and they decided to order it as well. But well, it was too late to tell them :/


Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallop Topped w Fresh Truffle, Truffle Sauce & Porcini Mushroom ฿990


Thankfully the scallops redeemed themselves. Beautifully cooked with the truffle sauce coming through, it was a delight to savour them


Spaghetti Winter Black Truffle ฿1690

Outstanding pasta. So good I’ll recommend you come here for the pasta instead


Snow Fish w Lemon Fill, Butter Sauce & Creamy Mashed Potato ฿990

We really liked the fish too. Cooked well, with a slight crispy texture and the meat soft and white on the inside. It went very well with the sauce too


Japan Striploin ฿950

comes with a free portion of fried rice


Somehow the beef was disappointing. I mean, it was good but not mind-blowing and I definitely had better ones before. I felt these were a little too oily and the meat just wasn’t impressionable


Beef Fried Rice

which was pretty forgettable. Ha


And finishing it off with a chocolate dessert to end the night

I felt like Flat Marble was a little overhyped. It’s good but it’s not a must-try. And I was amused why was this place so highly patronised by Singaporeans

And that marked the last night in Bangkok

We headed off to Siam area the next morning after breakfast to venture the shops around there before finding a place for lunch. There was no plans for lunch but I didn’t want anything Thai anymore so we ended up at Zen Japanese restaurant, a random Japanese-style chain restaurant. Lets just say it was a bad decision. I concluded impromptu food decisions ain’t my kind of thing


Some side dishes to start, which was actually pretty tasty


Giant sashimi platter

Can you take a look at how thick the sashimi slices were? Omg, it’s just disgusting. Who eat sashimi like this?? I mean sashimi is great but the thickness needs to be in moderation. This kind you eat one slice you full already can

I wanted to order some stuffs but it turned out 50% of the items were not available cos of Christmas night before. I was like hello, can you just tell me what’s available then?

So we ended up with..


Grilled Stingray Fin


Some nigiri of my choice. The shari cannot make it. Moving on


Bluefin Tuna platter

which was too much in my opinion


Tempura roll


Aburi salmon roll

Safe to say I won’t be revisiting anytime soon. I think if they had given in smaller portions, it probably won’t be that bad. It felt like they were just clearing whatever inventory they had, so serve more better :/


We went back to hotel to chill after that and waited for time to depart to airport and so I decided to grab an iced latte from the hotel cafe. Well, the coffee was okay..

I managed to squeeze in time to visit the Krisgold lounge after doing my tax returns and I was just happy to have my me-time


The Krisgold lounge at BKK airport was actually pretty decent. It had good selection of food






And comfortable lounge chairs around


So I celebrated with a glass of wine to unwind

Before making my way to the gates


Before you know, it’s time for dinner which came in the form of Thai Yellow Curry Fish w Steamed Rice


I had to say it was pretty tasty

And that marked the end of the week-long Thailand trip. YAY

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