Fiamma – New Italian Spot at Capella Singapore

The carb-loving friend jio-ed us for lunch at Fiamma, so we made it down one weekend for lunch. Taking over the space once occupied by The Knolls, the restaurant has been renovated into a beautiful interior. Opened by 3-Michelin-Starred Chef Mauro Colagreco, the friends were excited to see what they have to offer



The ambience was cozy and definitely puts diners in a relaxed mood for a meal


Homemade Rosemary Focaccia with Sea Salt & Ginger Olive Oil

Everyone was hungry. So you can imagine when the bread came, we just got started right away. We love the faint rosemary in the well-made Focaccia. The crust was a little crisp in the pastry kind of way yet it crumble when you bite into them. The olive oil was a winner too. With lemon and ginger in it, it went with the Focaccia really well


Carpaccio Di Pomodoro E Pesca $30

Tomato & Peach Carpaccio, Pistachios, Chives, Ginger Vinaigrette


Apparently a recommended dish to try, I say this was a rather interesting appetizer. It’s those kind where you need to wait for your friends to arrive for dinner and you just need something to munch on. Yah, this one doesn’t occupy any stomach space. It’s like a fruit salad, plated differently, the atas way. Lol


Polpette $26

Tradtional Meatballs, Basil-Ginger Tomato Sauce, Chili

The friend preferred the meatballs. I thought the meatballs were decent but nothing to shout about. They were just a plate of well-cooked meatballs


Specials: Tortelloni stuffed with Mortadella and Ricotta with Prawn Bisque


We got the special pasta cos the description sounded nice. And I think it sounded nicer than it tasted. It’s not bad. But it didn’t wow-ed us. We would have preferred the prawn bisque a little more. It’s the kind where you tried once and wouldn’t want to order it again (cos you would probably want to try something else)


Specials: Pizza with Parma Ham, Burrata Cheese

The pizza was good but we definitely had better elsewhere. We decided on the burrata special since they do not have burrata on their menu. I felt like they could give the portion of ham a little more. In all, it was okay lor


Pescato Del Giorno in Guazzetto $68

Sea Bass, prepared ‘Alla Ligure’


Probably the best dish of the day, the fish was an absolute favourite. Love how well the fish was cooked and the sauce was the highlight. It was sweet, flavorful and full of robust flavours. We thought the portion of the fish could be bigger cos it was really good


Affogato Al Caffè $16

Tiramisu $20

Mousse Al Cioccolato $18

Panna Cotta Esotici $18


Well for all the smaller portions, they definitely made up for it in desserts. We got a shock when the tiramisu came. We told them they could have state this is a portion for 2 pax. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a favourite in here. But the chocolate mousse was really really thick. Generally the desserts, was okay lor

I’m not sure if we had went with a really high expectation, but Fiamma, to sum it all up, was okay lor. If you were staying in Capella/Sentosa and wanted a good Italian meal, I think this place could work. But I definitely wouldn’t make my way down specially for it


Capella Singapore

1 The Knolls, S(098297)

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