Yun Nans 云海肴 – 3rd Outlet at NEX Shopping Mall

I first had Yun Nan cuisine in Shanghai and I was impressed with how delicious it was. So when Yun Nans opened their third outlet at Nex, I was happy to visit. The casual dining eatery was very popular during meal times and waiting time can take awhile. We were seated after a 20 minutes wait but the food came out pretty fast (which was good!) I actually wanted to order more dishes but considering it was only 2 of us, I decided to be more rational. ha


This appetiser was really tasty. The spiciness, saltiness and oiliness of the crunchy mushrooms and fungus was enough to get your appetite going


Stir Fried Minced Pork with Yunnan Preserved Vegetable $13.90

The star of the dish was the preserved vegetable. That key ingredient was probably what that made it so tasty though this dish was a little on the oiler and heavier side so having this with a bowl of white rice would be good


Golden Poached Rice with Seafood in Prawn Broth $18.80


Wow, I really loved this. It’s like having porridge in a very comforting broth. The deep flavour of the prawns together with the crispy rice puff brought this dish to a whole new level


Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass $24.90

This took quite awhile. And when the server came out with many plates of the fish, it proved to be a very popular dish among diners. It’s a little spicy but it was damn shiok. Fish was fresh, grilled well, and with that hot spice spread over it, you would finish the entire bowl of rice you have ordered


Doubled Boiled Papaya w Golden Fungus $5.90

We were full and our mouth still lingering from the spiciness of the fish so I wanted something cool for dessert. Alas, I didn’t realise this double boiled papaya was served hot. Oops. In any case, I thought the dessert tasted strange. It was nothing like what double boiled papaya should taste. So I doubt I’m ordering this again

We ordered the Traditional Baked Rose Pastry and Homemade Corn Cake to bring home. I loved the rose pastry while the parents enjoyed the corn cake very much. The rose pastry skin was light and the fragrance of the rose filling was delicious. The corn cake literally tasted like corn in pancake-form. Well, I guess there’s something for everyone then

Generally I thought the food at Yun Nans was quite decent. You now have another option for Chinese cuisine in Nex, adding on to the already long list of F&B choices that you can find there

Yun Nans

NEX Shopping Mall


23 Serangoon Central, Singapore 556083

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