Long Ji Da Pai Dang 龍記大排档 – You Have to Try The Crab Bee Hoon (Moved)

Met the class peeps for dinner and I suggested Long Ji even though I have never been there before, neither have they heard of it before. But this name is rather well-known so we were glad to get a table (and also reserved their crabs) that evening. This coffeeshop is located off Tiong Bahru market, right next to Tiong Bahru bakery which makes a good landmark to find


Rather packed at 6pm


Shrimp Rolls $10 (S)

Crisp thin layer with flavourful meat


Shrimp Paste Chicken $15 (M)

A little light on the shrimp paste taste, but still a well like favourite


Sichuan Hot & Sour Soup $16 (M)

Decided to go the unconventional way. Maybe not the best choice but the soup was interesting..


Crispy Fried Tofu with Preserved Vegetables & Pork $10

Love the soft tofu drenched in minced meat and mushroom soup that tastes very home cooked


Panfried Salted Egg Pork Ribs $15 (S)

Lightly coated salted egg with a crispy texture and a soft tenderised meat. It was so good we ordered a second plate in medium size


Sambal Kang Kong $8 (S)


Cereal Prawn $18 (S)

Crunchy and sweet prawns with deletable, buttery, fragrant cereal which we polish the entire plate


Hor Fan with Sliced Fish & Beansprout $8 (S)

You can taste the wok hei in the san lor hor fan with the fragrance of the bean sprouts


Long Ji Crab Bee Hoon, Seasonal Price

Their signature dish


So good, it deserves another shot

I really love the flavourful broth packed with so much substance. The bee hoon was infused with the sweet and earthy broth and the sweet crab meat was firm and had a nice texture


Black Pepper Crab, Seasonal Price

The friends wanted the black pepper, and it was finger licking good. Punchy pepper taste with a sweet aftertaste, it was so delicious

The menu at Long Ji isn’t the most extensive but I think the quality makes up for it. And cos there were so many of us, we only paid $26 each. I’m glad the friends enjoy the food as much, and it is definitely worth a revisit. And being located in tiong bahru area, there were lots of place to chill post-dinner. So if you are looking for some good zi char place, I think Long Ji is pretty decent

Long Ji Zi Char

57 Eng Hoon Street, #01-72, S(160057)

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