Yan Cantonese Cuisine 宴 – Classy Cantonese Cuisine at National Gallery

Yan Cantonese Cuisine is a restaurant by the Park Hotel Group located at National Gallery Singapore. Helmed by Chef Chan Kung Lai, the cuisine is a touch of modern execution yet retaining the traditional flavours of Cantonese fare


Sleek and classy exterior


Ice Lemon Tea $8

I was rather in shock that an ice lemon tea costs $8. But this ice lemon tea has a great punch of acidity to the palate. I had no idea how many lemons they have used but for that kind of price, they better used a whole carton


Yan Peking Duck (Half) $40


Served with homemade crepe & traditional garnishes


I like they are able to serve the duck in half portion, so for people with a smaller party, you can still enjoy the greater variety of food without feeling like you are wasting it


The skin was nicely done, crisp, sweet and oily. The crepe was a little too thick for my liking. And I prefer the traditional style of Peking duck where you wrap your own crepe and choose how much sauce to pair with it, rather than everything came prepared for you


The remaining duck meat. We chose not to fry it with noodles or rice but just eat the meat on its own. The meat, however, was seriously delicious. It was tender and soft and full of flavours. I would not hesitate to just eat the meat on its own


Double-boiled Chicken Soup Served in a Young Coconut and Crispy Breadstick $22


I love the soup. Infused with the essence of chicken and seafood and rounding it off with a touch of coconut was smart and perfect. And you can enjoy the really soft coconut meat at the end of it


Bi Feng Tang Crab Deep Fried w Fragrant Garlic, Black Beans and Chilli (Seasonal Price)

The crab in my opinion was rather interesting. It was deep fried so crispy you would have thought you were eating cereal prawns. I like the fragrance of it and I think it has good flavours but some part of the meat were over fried, to the point where you can’t really chew the meat off. So this dish became a tiring one to feast on


Fried Crispy Noodles w Deluxe Seafood $28


The noodles were really fragrant and crisp to the point. I really enjoyed the texture though the seafood failed to shine


Chilled Apricot w Sea Coconut and Basil Seed $8

Ending with the chilled apricot was perfect, just cos you can taste the sweet tang shui balanced by the sour apricot and crunchy sea coconut


I think this place is one that places a lot of emphasis on its flavours and presentation. Though there might still be some misses, but I think you can consider visiting if you are in the area or craving for some Cantonese fare. And located at the beautiful National Gallery, there is just another reason to visit

Yan Cantonese Cuisine

#05-02 National Gallery Singapore

1 St. Andrew’s Road S(178957)

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